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Originally Posted by kookydooky View Post
Do the made in china ones still say 'Made in England' refering to the brand being from england or will it actually say made in china somewhere on them because I have no Idea which are the ones I got.
The MIE ones have "Made in England" on the sole and inside the shoe.
I also bought them off a girl and I dont know if they have seperate girl/guy sizing for them or if they go nder the same mens UK size since they are unisex
On mine the size is printed inside the shoe as US men's size. Subtract one to get the US women's size, add one to get the UK size.
How tall are you bbaquiran?
I am 5'4". Incidentally I am wearing my black 3-hole DMs today. The look like the ones SuperBobo posted on the first page.
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Sweet mine say Made in England on the inside and on the sole. I just thought the Made in England ones didnt have the Black lining on the top of the boot.
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
i have the monochrome black shoes and boots, a pair of 14 hole oxblood boots from 1992, steel-toed 10 hole black boots from 1990 all in heavy rotation still.

Can we have pics? Especially the monochromes.
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i have them on in a few waywts but i can post some when i get home later.
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^ ^ ^
Someone's on the internet early...

Out of curiosity, did the leather get shinier or duller? Ever spit shine it?
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the leather on my old pairs is about as matte as it gets. the monochromes are pretty dull to begin with.
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Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque View Post
Doc Martens are not my thing, but they are classic IMO. They are also owned by Nike now, made in China, yada yada, so not the same thing anymore. Get Smart won't be back for a while, but I'm sure he'd recommend Grinders, which *I think* he said they are still made in the UK and higher quality.

Anyway, doesn't matter if they are in or not right now. Here at the Steez, we're all about doing things our own way, fuggedabbout da trendz.
didi anyone ever confirm if they were owned by nike?
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only shot I can find for now. I haven't actually heard the release date except for "fall or winter" so I expect them anytime I guess.
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^sign of the apocalypse?
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
^sign of the apocalypse?

how do you figure? they've made them in the past. it's roots for DM. My only hope is that they'll be MIE.
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^just not my thing i guess.
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yea those loafers are classic...on the right guy tough as hell for days off from wearing boots. Looks great on chicks of my fave looks for girls are those oxblood loafers with white bobby socks, fishnets, short skirt, buttondown check top.....

but those loafers would look weird on Kunk....guy's just TOO buff to be wearing those.
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i hear ya. I know the tassels are an "acquired" taste to say the least.

there was a time that I wouldn't wear anything other than tassels or long wings as "dressy" shoes though so this type of thing is totally up my alley. not the suede though. def. don't dig the suede.
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^ i get a semi at the though of my old sister-school's goth and skin and new waver girls with the bobby socks and steel-toed oxbloods. good god, I loved high school.
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I need to get a pair of those tasseled kiltie loafers!
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