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Doc Marten Boots In Style Anymore?

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Was wondering what the general consensus is regarding wearing Doc Marten boots, preferable the 14 hole black boot. I have a pair of these that I purchased several years ago and I used to like wearing them with tight fitting jeans rolled to about the top of the boot. I am NOT a skinhead, I just like the way they wear their jeans with their boots. I used to see quite a few cool dudes wearing their docs with their jeans rolled but lately haven't seen too many.
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Doc Martens are not my thing, but they are classic IMO. They are also owned by Nike now, made in China, yada yada, so not the same thing anymore. Get Smart won't be back for a while, but I'm sure he'd recommend Grinders, which *I think* he said they are still made in the UK and higher quality.

Anyway, doesn't matter if they are in or not right now. Here at the Steez, we're all about doing things our own way, fuggedabbout da trendz.
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not gone yet!! my last round of the steez before signing off til monday....

Grinders actually moved their production to China as well . The only 'bovver' boot that is still made in UK is Gripfast. But given a choice I like Grinders more than Docs, even the newer made in China ones.
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I like my Made in England Docs very much, should've gotten some higher ones tho..8-eyelet ain't enough
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I'd just rock them loosely laced with the tongue folded and your jeans pushed into them.
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Originally Posted by knucks
I like my Made in England Docs very much, should've gotten some higher ones tho..8-eyelet ain't enough

I feel the same way. I actually go with the 14 eye ones because the 8 eye 1460s tounge always moves around on me, no matter how tight I lace them.

For the original poster, I would agree with the other comments, they are a classic. Since they are now made by the Chicoms, I'm glad I bought quite a few pairs in the 90s.

Isn't Underground still made in the UK?
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Is the sizing for Doc Martens true to size? Since there aren't any half sizes, are they wider than usual? I usually wear 9.5 wide, but I size up to a 10 if a wide isn't available. How's the fit of the Doc Martens? And a little side question, to keep proportions in check, is it advisable for a shorter dude to stay away from tall boots?
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^ Yes they are wider than usual. I usually wear a 6EE in dress boots but a regular 6 in DMs fits quite comfortably. My DMs are the 3-hole gibsons (model 1925). I would like to get a taller boot though, possibly the 8-eye ones. I am quite probably shorter than you.
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where is gs going.
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The threads an old bumped thread, I'm sure he already went.
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haha yea

Doc Marten is making a "vintage" line now that is Made in England, with the original specs supposedly. and they've always been wide

after re-reading the OP, I dont get why a guy who isnt "down" would get 14 hole docs with the jeans rolled to the top and playing dress up oi-boy. funny how he emphatically proclaimed he is NOT a skinhead but wants to look like one (??)
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paging get smart I like the look of low cut dr.martens shoes (chunky work shoe, 3-4 lace holes), but there seem to be a bunch of styles in various quality. Which ones should I look for? And how are these sized.. I got wide feet? edit: looked around a bit more and found these 1461Z that look right. Now the questions, how are the quality for made in china ones, are they comfortable for alot of walking and how are the sizes for wide feet peeps?
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Bobo, those ebay ones are probably steel toe since they are referred to as "safety shoes' and the pic seems to suggest it as well, tho he doesnt say in the description

sizing wise, imo they run ½ size small in length, but wide. Normally I buy UK7 shoes, but in Docs I buy UK8....7s are a bit short for my feet, the 8s a tad long (and hence wide) but they fit better

yes they are very comfortable for lots of walking

I still have an old pair of oxblood 3 eyelet shoes, they are Made in England. Are the chinese ones that much worse? If you can get the MIE shoes, I would do so, but tbh I've not found the MIC shoes to be that shoddy either altho there are people who'd disagree and say they are much worse. the leather on the chinese ones is a bit inferior than my older English ones. I havent seen any of the new MIE shoes so I dont know if the leather is any different on those or not.

The MIC shoes wont fall apart on you, and if that's all you have access to, I wouldnt hesitate to get them myself.
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here are some MIE shoes for example. for the $30 surcharge I would def get these over the MIC
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Thanks GS, sounds like I need to try them on to be sure. I edited my post after that ebay auction, since i realised them being steel toe. The 1461z are more the look I want, but perhaps monochrome instead. Sounds good on the quality/comfort side of things
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