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Skin sensitivity is a problem I've had with facial shaving. I grow hair so quickly that I must shave daily, but it causes breakouts almost always. I've considered a straight Edge, but haven't looked into it enough.
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Trimmer yall, I put mine to 2 for chest and back.
I am part squatch, so trust me, it works. The long curly shit is nasty.
Especially if you run etc. I swear I am at least 15 degrees cooler on runs because I trimmed it down.
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I have just like 5 hairs growing out of my back total. They grow just like the hairs on my head. When I found the first one it was like 2 inches long and looked just like the head on my hair. I tweeze them.

If I ever got a hairy back I'd just go get laser hair removal, I wouldn't even mess with shaving/triming.
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