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Back hair

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I searched the topic, but I found, mostly, topics about slicking hair back.


That said, I have hair on my back. Do yall leave it, wax it, or shave it (or otherwise)?


I shave---sometimes. Currently, I'm too lazy. I'm a hairy bastard. lol. Shaving doesnt last more than a week or so, because my back hair grows thicker and quicker when I shave (I swear).


Yalls thoughts?

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all that said, my chest hair is mad-intense. unless I wear a fully buttoned up shirt, chest hair is showing. Chest hair shows even from round neck tshirts. haha.

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Thread Starter's a style forum, which must include consideration about back hair. haha

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Its probably better posted in Health & Body though.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Its probably better posted in Health & Body though.

spose  should venture over there



/mod wanna move it for me? thanks.

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I would wax it, I trim my chest on occasion. I think it looks fine if you are muscular, if you're fat it looks gaaaahhyyyyy.
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The back hair gets shaved but it's so damn relentless, and spreading. The chest hair, I think, looks fine, but friends and girlfriend all mock me. Screw them. Haha. It does bug, though, when the chest hair pokes through my cheaper undershirts (like pokes through the fabric kinda deal).
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Never do anything for anyone else, except your wife.

My friends mocked me for being on sf and caring about clothes a first, now they all ask me for advice.

I do not like being hairy. I trim my legs, armpits, sometimes chest, and groin region. I do not significant back hair problems just yet but when and if I do, I will probably trim or have it waxed. The back of my neck is almost always clean and I make sure I am clean shaven when going anywhere, except class/library. Once I switch to straight razor shaving I will make it a habit to shave everyday but at the moment my skin becomes irritated if I do so.
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I'm a hairy fuck as well. My wife shaves my back for me in the shower every few weeks from April to October (when I'm running without a shirt) and I buzz my chest to a half inch during those months as well. I used to shave it, but it's not very comfortable and stubble looks like shit no matter how muscular you are. I also think it looks a little more masculine to have shorter hair than NO hair.
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Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger View Post

stubble looks like shit no matter how muscular you are. I also think it looks a little more masculine to have shorter hair than NO hair.

I agree, my legs look their best about a week after I trimmed everything off.
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The most common ways of getting rid of  back hair are with hot wax, liquid Neet, electrolysis, and shaving.Back hair should also be maintained as they become too long and too dense as dense back hair looks horrible.A quick and simple trim  back hair is also a quick and easy solution.


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Have you tried laser?
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As a fellow hairy dude, I can share my trials and tribulations...

I've tried getting my shoulder/back waxed (three times, to be exact), but my skin was just too sensitive. I'd break out all over, and by the time everything healed, the hair was back. Now, I use a straight edge. For the hard-to-reach places, I used to duct tape a razor to a yardstick, but this ended up being a better solution:

The razor will produce red scratches, but these disappear within 24 hours. Just do it outside or over carpet you can vacuum because there's nothing to catch the hair.
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