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Originally Posted by JubeiSpiegel View Post

I have a couple pair, construction is nothing special, but sturdy enough. Fit is pretty much a comfortable straight fit leg, small wale.
I'm tying these out this year:
Seemingly better construction, button zip, split waist band. Looking forward to them.

Originally Posted by Dewi View Post

If they haven't changed them since last year, then I have these in whatever they're calling dark brown.
I probably wear them once every week or two in the autumn, not so much during the summer. They're warm, but not overly, and quite soft. Mine are tagged 32x30, but measure about 33x31, which isn't too bad for mass produced clothing, I guess. They work fine for my purposes (office, driving, errands, piddling about around the house, etc.).

Thanks guys. I'm not sold on cords, but at $33/each I figured what the hell. I got the darker brown and the navy. good input.
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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Thoughts on the fit of the coat?

Change of plans


(Sleeves will be let out.)
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New jeans, NO?
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LVC 505. Six months old, I think.
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Guess I'm just used to the faded APCs...
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: )

Got some new jeans today; so, more variety.
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Thread Starter 
Wish your jackets had patch pockets? Why not iron them on!
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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

Change of plans

Interesting! A couple of weeks ago I wanted to pick up a pea coat as well; tried a few Gloveralls locally (the Churchill Reefer w/ 8 buttons and some 6 button model), but none of them fit like I hoped so I gave it up.

FWIW, I think the last one looks best (and I prefer the authentic anchor buttons over the metal(?) ones on the other one you posted).
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I agree and I'm keeping the last one, Kaplan. I might change the buttons to dark brown or black horn though... But they're 32 mm; might be difficult to get them.

So far, I've only found these in that size:

Does anyone know if I can put smaller buttons on them? And how much smaller without them spontaneously unfastening?
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10,000 hours it takes to become well-dressed.
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NOBD - i like the new one more. good change.
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Thx, Stitch.

I'm thinking of these replacement buttons:


(2mm smaller than the original buttons.)
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i like those, but its hard to really see the current bottons in that full length shot, to really compare.
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Well, they're black and they have anchors on (in) them...
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ah, well based on that, i am inclined to like the replacement buttons better.
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