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Haha glad to see we have the same exact thought process about this. It's a shame that happened to you. Hope that everything came out correctly after dying/replacement.

Also, per your comment about Mariano not being bothered by the canvas/lining showing through, I sincerely hope it's an innocent oversight (however hard that would be to believe) on his part. There will be a tremendous loss of respect if I find out it's some sort of tongue-in-cheek affectation/sprezz.
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You don't really notice it that much, but probably a camera flash made it look worse. I don't understand his persistent collar gap.
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Definitely noticeable in any light (except dark / evening)
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It could be the kind of thing that is very rarely visible and was exacerbated by a flash photo.

edit: whoops, late to the game.
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I'd say that might be case, were it not for the fact that his resting arm is just as see-through as his bent arm. If it were about tension and lighting you'd think the naturally draping areas wouldn't show through nearly as much. I also agree on the collar gap.
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Most of you already know about Luxottica, but thought I'd post anyway. From the October 7th 60 Minutes:;contentAux
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I could see some designer making jackets with slightly sheer fabrics and contrasting canvas as a way to let others know the jacket is canvassed. Like cuffing selvedge jeans.

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Like father, like son:

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Well that answers the unlined vs lined question : these are definitely unlined. It looks so moronic, sorry to be so blunt.
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Sprezz Fail!
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Originally Posted by Naka View Post

Anyone own a bottle/hunter green blazer? It might look a bit PGA to some people, but I think it would be quite versatile with some patch pockets and texture to the fabric.

Yes. It's a flannelly, woolen fabric, three patch pockets, no vents. Thrifted, so it doesn't fit perfectly, but well enough for my tastes and budget. I live in Atlanta, and haven't gotten any Masters comments yet about it. It's definitely a fall weather jacket, and works well with just about anything in the browns and khakis range.
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I hear that unlined sleeves wear cooler. I'm planning to try it for a linen suit next year.
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