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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Has anyone here ever altered a linen sweater?

I have an Inis Meain pub jacket and the body is tad wide...I want to take in the waist but wonder if that would be wise. While I am asking what about shortening the sleeves?

Would it be wise given that it is a linen cardigan and should be loose anyways. I did size up on this sweater though FWIW.

I haven't had linen knits altered, but I've had wool knits done.

It depends on the design, what you need done, and whether or not if you care if there's a seam in the end. An alteration can be via machine or hand linking. The latter is a bit more difficult, but possible. I prefer hand linking when possible because I think the finishing is nicer.

I can send you some recommendations to places later. Need to answer your PM too.
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For silk suits, is the fabric usually 100% silk? Will trousers hold up ok in 100 silk?


You guys don't use General Chat? 

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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

For silk suits, is the fabric usually 100% silk? Will trousers hold up ok in 100 silk?



As far as I've seen, most off-the-rack suits or jackets that use silk will usually be a blend of wool and silk or wool, silk and linen. I've got a wool, silk and linen jacket from Brooks Brothers that's help up really well - it's quite an open weave and is great for summer.


Certainly, a suit made from something like dupioni silk (which used to be popular, in a niche sort of way, back in the 1960s and 1970s) would have an outer made from 100% silk. To be frank, I'm not sure how well it would wear. I'd think that it would wrinkle quite badly, but whether the trousers would wear out quickly, I really can't say. However, it certainly wouldn't be an "everyday" suit so whether it would wear out quickly or not wouldn't be as much of a concern as it might otherwise be. 

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Thanks man ^ Yep, I was thinking of a Dupioni type suit. Full silk, not a blend. I guess you're right, it will be an occasional suit, so I probably won't be too concerned about longevity. 

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^ why is that bizarre? Its not like in the US we don't have people who try and lease BMW's  or wear $300 jordans who clearly should spend their money elsewhere...

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