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Originally Posted by poorsod View Post
Is the cronut worth the wait? I haven't bothered but I am curious.


I've never been interested in finding out for myself.  Everyone I know who has had one says the same thing : it's (really) good, but not worth the wait (or black market prices)

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I have never had, or seen one, but based on what people describe to me it just sounds like the classic Italian sfogliatelle.
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Sfogliatelle are baked.  Cronuts are fried (that's the -onut part, I guess)

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California Chrome would make a great pair of shoes. Just sayin'.
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California Chromexcel leather running shoes?cheers.gif
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Chromexcel is made with calf, cordovan with horse
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I know, it was just a play on words.
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I know, I was just being a jerk. smile.gif
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What are members impression of Italian label Eleventy?

Received two jackets from Yoox in a linen cotton blend. I like the weight, lined sleeves, great great texture, which shows through the stock photos, and unstructured, so, to me wears more like a sweater. I ordered a green and dark navy and surprisingly the navy fits much slimmer and the sleeves are shorter about an inch.

Jacket is has double vents and because the body is unlined gets bent out of shape easily. Hanging it helps with the drape and allows the body to get back in shape.

Overall, lovely jacket IMO and will exchanged for another dark blue to see if it is he particular color or just a manufacturing error.

Fwiw he jackets runs really slim and I sized up one... Fairly fitted still.

Edit: body is short and is probably more casual particularly the linen jacket I picked up. The fabric is really standout though, which is one reason I bought it. Nice sheen to the surface, too. It's like a grenadine tie smile.gif
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All that and no pics...?
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Is this the #menswear inevitable? Jacket made of grenadine? If it has an ermazine lining and you get a fresco tie, I think the sun might collapse. :rimshot:


But seriously. Show it off!

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I think I might just get a ermazine suit, with tissue paper tie.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

@ work

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



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