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I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for your gonzo report from the trenches.

I guess that when frat boys grow up, they become happy socks wearers.
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What is a gonzo?
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You must be a millenial.
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What's that?
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Just tell me about the slobs and let's get on with it
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They don't dress well.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

I'd be fine working around people that look like that. You should see the slobs I work with...

I think you're holding your fellow erotic dancers to too high a standard.
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I was hoping this would involve motor oil soaked bandanas hanging out of back pockets, or at least pants cinched with rope.
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^That would be quite hip actually.
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I believe the last item pictured is by Engineered Garments
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Not nearly enough pockets.
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But it has aluminum dispensers with candy for cuties. Eat your heart out, Suzuki.
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I've actually gotten back into EG stuff. Lost interest for a while, but now I like it. Wish Suzuki still did stuff for WWM.

I know it's not to the taste of people here, but I also recently picked up a Needles Rebuild jacket. It's awesome.

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I have some EG in the mail. No hate from me here. You have to dig past the Bedford jackets and cargo pants, though.

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I like their Bedford, but not on me. I did buy one of their fatigues recently.

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