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When I'm out with friends, I'm often like Martin Freeman on the left (best/over dressed). It just suggests diversity among friends, not sticking out like a sore thumb. No bluetooth, obviously.

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I saw Martin Freeman shopping for shoes in Selfridges once, a year or so ago. He was with his mum, it was quite sweet.

Where's that picture from?
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That's a still from The World's End.
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A friend of mine texted me yesterday and I really had no idea about the answer to his question. Basically he currently works in a very casual office (button down, dress pants) and he caries a very casual canvas bag to and fro work. He is interviewing soon for a new job in a different company that is likely a bit more formal. Can he cary his stuff in the casual bag and show up to an interview in a formal suit? I say yes, unless it was a top 5 law firm or something. What are some of your thoughts?
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Depends on the industry, but I'd tend to agree with that. Most people carry godawful black nylon laptop bags or even backpacks, even at senior levels IME.

A nice bag is always nice, but I wouldn't run out to buy one as long as we're not talking about a ratty canvas tote bag.

FWIW, I work in consulting, and most of my clients are in financial services, so you'd expect to see things a bit more formal... But you don't.
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He needs to carry a bag's worth of stuff to the interview?
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Well, just like a notepad, pens, resumes, iPad, whatever. I know the bag he is talking about, and while it isn't a tote, it is very casual. It is also like this olive green color (in fact it is made from vintage military cloth or something.) It has brown leather trim and handle and such.
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Actually, here is a photo of the bag: bag1.jpg
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I wouldn't worry about carrying that bag.
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In my experience, that is nicer than 95% of the bags I see out there. Unless he's interviewing for a white-shoe law firm job, I'd think he's probably fine.

Just my opinion, of course.
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It's not bad, but it doesn't add to the effect, if you know what I mean. Something else, or no bag at all, would be better.
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Now thats a good point--why does he need a big bag for an interview?
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Unless you're trying out for a bowling team, you don't need that bag.

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Hey, it's not my bag, girlfriend.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

Hey, it's not my bag, girlfriend.


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