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This might be one of the strangest things I've seen on the internet. Some "relaxation video" involving a suit fitting
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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

This might be one of the strangest things I've seen on the internet. Some "relaxation video" involving a suit fitting.

That guy that jerks off on shell cordovan might like this.

Hell, I kind of liked it tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

Yea, that's what reminded me of that Inis Meain. The Stark is nice, but I like IM's cables over SNS's popcorn stitches and waffle knit stitches.


Originally Posted by unbelragazzo View Post

Starks look like they can't decide whether they're a waffle knit or a quilted jacket #snssnark

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In truth they're not my favorite, but the main reason I posted that was to use the hash tag.
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Oh you hip boy. : )
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I hate you guys, I want a turtleneck again this week...
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The right turtleneck can look great under a jacket, coat, or just on its own.

In the Easy Bay Area I noticed there are a lot of Italian shops that sell suits, suit separates, and some even offer MTM. They all also offer an alteration service. Just checked out a new one today since I read on Yelp! that there turn around is fairly quick. I wanted a jacket done by this Tuesday so I can wear to a seminar on Wednesday morning. What impressed me was the customer service. Aside from that, I have to say a lot of the lingo I learned on SF and pointing it out during the fitting fell on deaf ears (slanted cuffs I was told is impossible, and "sleeve pitch" can be alleviated by having the jacket pressed (the jacket I tried on that had wrinkles at the side of the arm was shipped from "Italy." Hence, the packaging causes some creasing. But really how long has the jacket been hung? There is a whole wall. Surely it must at the very least help the jacket drape better to loosen any folds).

It seems pretty difficult to get the "SF fit" based on the options available but I do my best to point it out without overstepping my boundaries (I was given a modest discount supposedly, picked up a pair of Super 140s trousers for $125, alterations all included), but I still asked whether the shop honored Yelp! discounts. That was a bit awkward, but now I know not to ask next time.

Point being and my questions is do I need to drive all the way up to SF to find a tailor that understands how nit-picky I am, or asking for too much? What makes tailors so different than the ones mentioned about on the forum (the tailor I worked with has 40+ years under his belt)?

FWIW the tailor who helped me with my jacket fitting, and who I bought the trousers from was very good (professional eye). He pointed out that my old pair of pants need to be tapered/have the seat taken in, which I was really curious about. Two, he said I can do better with a 8.5" hem, which I was also looking to have done anyways (I have experimented with 18cm to 20.5cm tapers). So, it seemed like he knew what I was after immediately by just eyeballing my current outfit. The new trousers I purchased look way better than my old pair when I tried it on during the fitting. Just need a hem, and while offered to taper some more at the seat/outer thigh, I declined because I personally like the roominess. The seat still has enough from but does not balloon at the sides. I am happy about the improvement. Unless, perhaps I am paranoid, his mirror skewed the way I looked hehe.

Other details included the tailor pointing out that my inseams are actually the same length (my past experience say differently), and same with my right dropped shoulder, which when he measured both arm lengths noted them to be the same length, too. What a real mystery, he said. Also, he mentioned when tapering pants to take it from both the inseam and outseam, another thing I learned on SF first. The tailor also sharpens his chalk for the most accurate measurement, most rarely do so as he stated. At the end of our talk (the whole visit took an hour), he offered me wine or espresso, which I had to take a rain check. I had not eaten all day.

Needless to say, I will see how right he was when I go back to pickup my purchases. Overall, it was a positive experience. Was not expecting to buy anything aside from altering a jacket.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

I hate you guys, I want a turtleneck again this week...


I'm thinking about getting a 3rd cream/beige turtleneck, maybe SNS. I have a thin one (Ballantyne), a warmer/thicker one (William Lockie), but both of those are smooth-finished. I'm thinking about adding a thick but more textured one. Trying to persuade myself that adding a crew neck like that instead would be wiser.


Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

What makes tailors so different...

What makes any tradesman or professional different to their peers? Their own training, experience and attitude to work. An adequate tailor used to working with an undemanding clientele, who is happy with how business is, may not necessarily be as painstaking (or tolerant) as one used to working with more neurotic clients or in more demanding firms. Not so say you can't find diamonds in the rough (and bad apples in higher end settings) but differences between peers are inevitable. I hope your experience works out.

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Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post

I'm thinking about adding a thick but more textured one.

Now you're talking. smile.gif
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Anyone have any good lookbook, historical or street pics of good fits with chunky white/cream crew-necks, preferably without collared shirts underneath? Nothing too extreme in style, but I'm not necessarily thinking worn with tailored jacket either. Trying to decide whether it'll be a worthwhile/versatile addition.


Beyond the obvious pairing with jeans/boots and a casual jacket (down jacket, field jacket, that sort of thing), I'm struggling to think of combos. Any more ideas? Also, apart from T shirts (and leaving aside BD collar shirts) anything else good to wear underneath?

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This isn't exactly what you asked for, but I really liked this, posted by Victor Elfo a couple of months ago -

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From dieworkwear recent blog post:

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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

I'd certainly order one if it came in.

There aren't that many cardigans with a stand up collar like that, and of those that exist, not that many with a textured knit pattern on the front, giving the piece some interest. The quality of their knits and the button front really top it off.

Inis Meain calls theirs the "Classic Aran Jacket":


You're welcome.  I personally like the Stark more - I like heavier knits than Inis Meain usually makes (though a few stockists do ask for sweaters in high gauge new wool) - but the classic Aran jacket is certainly nice.

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