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Ah, but poor Thorstein didn't take into account the quiescence of stabling body servants among polite society, such that constantly shaving the face might recrudesce uninhibited.

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Acker Bilk rocking it out in 1962:

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This deserves a home:

A list of ~half of aportnoy's shoe collection in 2006 wow.gif
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by aportnoy View Post

Green and Lobb (to the best of my knowledge)

1.\tDover 888 dark oak

2.\tDover 82 edwardian

3.\tDover 505 heather gorse

4.\tDover 606 coffee suede

5.\tDover 202 chestnut

6.\tSouthwold 888 maple

7.\tSouthwold 888 dark oak

8.\tBeaulieu 82 burgundy

9.\tBeaulieu 606 dark oak

10.\tRye 888 maple

11.\tHolcot 888 edwardian

12.\tNewbury w/ medallion 606 mink suede

13.\tNewbury 888 burgundy

14.\tNewbury 808 dark oak

15.\tBerkeley I 88 dark oak

16.\tBerkeley II 202 dark oak

17.\tBerkeley II ginger suede 202

18.\tEcton 888 edwardian

19.\tEcton 888 burgundy

20.\tFulham 888 burnt pine

21.\tYardley 606 edwardian

22.\tLadbroke 606 edwardian

23.\tMackay 888 dark oak

24.\tMackay 888 edwardian

25.\tMackay 888 coffee suede

26.\tGrant 888 dark oak

27.\tGrant 888 edwardian

28.\tCardiff/Southwold MTO 888 olive

29.\tCarter 89 dark oak

30.\tMontford 89 edwardian

31.\tAsquith (Flusser) 707 dark oak

32.\tSandringham walnut country calf 202

33.\tAsprey brogue dark willow oak 202

34.\tAsprey brogue acorn 202

35.\tAsprey brogue mink suede 202

36.\tAsprey City Boot burgundy 202

37.\tOlney dark oak 606

38.\tWarwick 888 dark oak

39.\tBanbury walnut country calf 202

40.\tMalvern brandy willow oak 202

41.\tMalvern burgundy 202

42.\tTroon ginger suede 202

43.\tTroon black 202

44.\tInverness 888 dark oak

45.\tLichfield 888 burnt pine

46.\tWestminster w/ medallion walnut country calf 202

47.\tChelsea acorn 82

48.\tCadogan 202 chestnut

49.\tGladstone burgundy 888

50.\tEden mink suede 89

51.\tWhittier 89 edwardian

52.\tCamden mink suede 89

53.\tAtlee brogue mink suede 808

54.\tBarkesdale Edwardian 184

55.\tBarkesdale coffee suede 184

56.\tPaul Stuart suede kiltie 184

57.\tHarrow black 184

58.\tBelgravia edwardian 184

59.\tMontpelliar panther grey suede 184

60.\tCardiff edwardian 89

61.\tKingsway burgundy 888

62.\tFalkirk dark oak 82

63.\tJL Vintage 2002 Claret

64.\tJL Vintage 2003 Chestnut Museum Calf

65.\tJL Vintage 2003 Dark Brown Museum Calf

66.\tJL Vintage 2004 Pepper Calf

67.\tJL Vintage 2005 Walnut Museum Calf

68.\tJL Vintage 2006 Cashew Lord Calf

69.\tVale Dark Brown Museum Calf

70.\tChapel Dark Brown Suede

71.\tBecketts Chestnut Museum Calf

72.\tWelham Parisian Brown Museum Calf

73.\tOsner Ardilla Calf

74.\tTamar Dark Brown Buffalo

75.\tFarndon Dark Brown Calf

76.\tWelford Dark Brown Calf

77.\tVolga Chestnut Calf

78.\tChambord Black

79.\tGarnier II Plum Museum Calf

80.\tHeddon Gold Museum Calf

81.\tSandon Dark Brown Suede

82.\tSandon Dark Brown Calf

83.\tChelmer Dark Brown Calf

84.\tSutton Parisian Brown Museum Calf

85.\tPortman Dark Brown Calf

86.\tLangton Pewter Museum Calf

87.\tOsner Dark Brown buffalo

88.\tSeymour Dark Brown Calf

89.\tForest Tan

90.\tNadar Dark Brown Calf

91.\tStafford Dark Brown Calf

92.\tChambord Dark Brown Buffalo

93.\tAvon Dark Brown Calf

94.\tWarwick Dark Brown Calf

95. JL Vintage 2004 Chestnut Velvet Calf

These are only the EGs and JLs. There's some contention on the thread about whether aportnoy accidentally forgot some in his closet.
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Remember reading that thread. Crazy stuff. IIRC, he updated his count in the shoe porn thread (or somewhere similar) 6-9 months ago (or somewhere around that time) when he randomly reappeared.
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Everybody should have about 5% Dovers in their rotation.
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I'm thinking about getting a Glenroyal briefcase, but can't decide on a color. Can I ask for your guys' opinion on which is best?

I'm kind of between Havana (dark brown) and Dark London (luggage tan), but if it's going to be the latter, I feel like I'd rather opt for a tone like this:

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Havana or Navy.

Dark London is too orangey for me too, so I'd prefer your alternative to that as well.
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Not a tan fan, so I'm with Kaplan on this one.
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I like tan, but this particular one looks a bit dull to me. So Havana (dark brown).

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I feel the same way about the orangey-ness of the tan, but these by SAB and Clematis seem good, no?

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To me, the thing about tan leather is, that while it may look great in pics, I know myself well enough to recognize that I'd quickly tire from carrying around something as attention grapping as that. YMM of course V.
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Agree that the tan is a bit bright now, but it may darken a bit as it ages and get a great patina.

All the same, I'd still probably go for the Havana.
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Havana FTW
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Navy. YMMV.
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