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New to the business suit world, can I get some insight?

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I'm currently a Junior in college, just getting into the sport-coat/blazer/business-suit world. With the program I'm in we're required to go to a weekly meeting with corporate executives and HR reps to learn about what their company has to offer to us. I recently bought a navy blazer and various ties/shirts and I have 3 pair of dress pants. I was curious as to what you guys thought about this particular outfit, my main concern is wearing gray/charcoal pants with a navy blazer along with a brown shoe/belt.


I really like these shoes, they're made by Dockers and I had a black pair for a while and just recently bought these brown ones. 








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Can you have someone take a picture of you with your arms down looking directly at the camera? That "fashion pose" makes it hard to tell how things fit.

Is that a yellow shirt? I would switch out to white instead. Other than that, the colors/ensemble looks pretty decent (can't comment on the fit though).

More importantly, what is the dress code for these events? Business or business professional would mean you actually should be a wearing a suit. Business casual is more what you are wearing.

If you are interested in clothing and want to become more of an enthusiast, stick around. You'll develop a refined style and preferences and upgrade your clothes as you go along. Welcome.
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1. Don't embarrass the firm, your bosses will never forget.

2. Don't embarrass yourself, your coworkers will never let YOU forget.

3. It's not about fashion, it's about credibility.

There are enough threads and stickies on the forum to give you an idea of what works professionally.
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^OP's outfit is certainly not "embarrassing" in any way. OP, the appropriate color of shoes for a navy suit seems to be a constant source of contention on this forum. I think the same is true of navy blazer/grey trousers, but I can't remember. Use your judgement. If you like it, wear it. Keep browsing the forum and refine your taste and judgement, and keep applying it to your wardrobe. What you're wearing here will never offend anyone's sense of propriety.
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You seem pretty well dressed, but keep in mind that it is always safer to err on the side of caution. No one ever got offended when someone wore a charcoal suit, white shirt, conservative tie, and black shoes. That is, except many SF members....LOL
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You can wear a navy jacket over charcoal pants and you can wear brown shoes with charcoal pants, too. Make a light blue shirt your go-to instead of yellow or even white.
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wear black shoes, that is all.

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Unless you're doing an odd jacket combo. Then, do not do this.
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I wear my charcoal suit with black shoes. But the light blue shirt as suggested here definitely works as alternative to the white shirt.

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