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@Knight - Thanks mate. Will try to look for one in chambray to compliment my outfit. Looks pretty cool. Not too many retailers stocking this piece.

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SS14 Baker
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I love the right fit with the apron! That is awesome. he is wearing the black batik Baker, right?


Still looking for one "crazier" fit for the season and that might just be it (I simply can't pull off the awesome fits like Lorcan or Knight - very well done!). Gotta find a different pant/ short color than red though ...



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@Dino anytime mate! Slam jam socialism over in Italy have an online store that carry the chambray one you can easily try there. They throw in free worldwide shipping if you spend over 200 euros.

@mbaum firstly thank you for the kind words and secondly sorry for the terrible iPhone pics but yes it's the black batik printed baker jacket. Any shorts and or pants colours will work with this outfit. Enjoy! smile.gif
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@ Knight - thanks for the head-up. Slam Jam price is abit on the high side. I'll try to search for one in Japan. Not too many retailers stocking which is quite a surprise.

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wish I can pull off the crazier items as well.
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Bedford kopped from a fellow SF'er.
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@AlexanderTG the EG/oliver spencer thing really suits you, the rustic fabrics in particular would work well with your slightly more weathered (in a good way!) face. i can see why you're drawn to the SLP rocker image but in terms of pure aesthetics i much prefer this
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I agree. Definitely a better direction than CCP
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^^Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

I don't think I'll be getting too many leathers or trousers from CCP (as much as they are beautiful). But I'm looking forward to the derbies when they get here next week. I'm hoping they'll find a sweet middle-ground.

As for the SLP, gotta have a few pieces to save for the stage. wink.gif

Thanks for your comments.

Edit: while I won't get much use out of this SLP satin bomber as an everyday piece I do like it behind my guitar with the lights on and the peoples out front.
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Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 
... the rustic fabrics in particular would work well with your slightly more weathered (in a good way!) face ...

What? What do we old, "slightly more weathered" guys have to do to get some respect here? :violin::)


Casual EG over the weekend ...


Penn and Patchwork

Sunday morning coffee (Click to show)


Flannel Lafayette - Likely the last time to wear it till next fall



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Originally Posted by AlexanderTG View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Bedford kopped from a fellow SF'er.

There's a lot of fervor when you "get into clothing" or start dressing well to make sure you do something kind of different – I saw you post a fit pic the other day in a plum-colored shirt, and there's this one in forest green. I realize a plain white t seems like a very pedestrian thing to do with all of your newly-found sartorial acumen, but let me suggest you look at how good @mbaum looks with an off-white henley in essentially the same fit. I think throwing on something basic stops the two colors from competing with one another and just looks less like you're trying and more like this is just the shit you – as a stylish dude – happen to have lying around.

Also, dark shirt/light jacket is always hard to pull off. If you want validation of that, go over to MC and ask about it. It's rare to find a really excellent fit with a blue shirt and khaki jacket over there – same principle.

Because your pants are kind of wide at the hem and aren't really "stacking," as much as pooling like dad jeans, I'd also recommend a cuff. Again, for evidence, check out @mbaum.

I know a lot of this makes it seem like blatant copying, but the whole "military jacket/tee/jeans/boots" thing is classic – improving on the formula would require something really radical.
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That's some heavy yet simple advice.

Thank you.

God dammit, if I end up looking good after all of this I'm gonna blame it all on SF. wink.gif
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EG Workaday Utility Jacket Reversed Sateen - Olive

EG Workaday Oxford 19th Century BD Shirt - Blue

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Grey cotton oxford USN pants
Baker Jacket Dark navy Broken Twill
Paisley pork pie hat
Paisley pocket square
19th cent. bd navy/white stripe
Anderson woven multicolor textile belt
Happy socks
Alden Cordovan Longwing Blucher
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