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it's cooling down a bit, finally...



ss15 ripstop bedford

ss16 bask shirt

ss16 11w chord fatigue shorts


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The cord on the fatigues is great. I just wish they where a little longer in the leg.

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Originally Posted by whereeaglesdare View Post

The cord on the fatigues is great. I just wish they where a little longer in the leg.


certainly a little leg showing there ;-)  old school tennis shorts style...

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Here's my list, in very rough form:
- ???? Bomber jacket - FW07? FW06? FW05(Fur?)?
- FW07 Classic Shirt - gray/black plaid
- FW07 Binocular Shirt - cotton twill big plaid
- SS09 Andover - navy plaid cotton (madras?)
- SS09 Cinch Pant - navy plaid cotton (madras?)
- FW09 Kendall jacket - brown corduroy
- FW09 Mackinaw - nyco ripstop
- FW09 Fanny Pack - brown tweed plaid
- SS10 (?) Cambridge Pants - black chambray
- SS10 Classic Shirt - diamond jacquard
- SS11 Work Shirt - white polka dot
- SS11 CPO - brushed poplin nyco
- SS11 (FW11?) 19th Century B.D. - Rose print
- SS11 Cambridge Pants - Brown Floral Print
- FW11 Button Shawl - herringbone wool
- FW11 Knit Back Vest - wool flannel homespun
- FW11 Fatigues - indigo denim
- FW11 Bedford - khaki cotton corduroy
- FW11 Fatigues - khaki cotton corduroy
- FW11 EG/GB Bedford - black calf
- FW11/FW12 (?) Beams+ Glassfield shirt - white herringbone
- FW11 Robe - glen plaid wellwash wool
- FW12 (?) Beams+ Glassfield shirt - chambray
- FW12 Tab-collar Shirt - floral flannel
- FW12 19th Century B.D. - green/red/royal oversized plaid
- FW13 E1 Pants - olive poplin
- FW13 Andover - black wool/cashmere flannel
- FW13 Lafayette Shirt - Blue polka dot flannel
- FW13 Fatigue - 11.5oz brown duck canvas
- FW13 Fatigue - 11.5oz black duck canvas 
- FW13 Nepenthes 25th Anniversary USN Pants - Green floral corduroy
- SS14 Long Scarf - pink/natural jacquard
- FW14 Work Shirt - indigo denim
- FW14 Long Dayton - tattersall eggshell
- SS15 (SS12?) Dayton shirt - navy linen/cotton
- FW15 Work Shirt - royal blue houndstooth
- FW15 Fatigues - Micro herringbone brushed cotton
** Unknown
- ???? Heavy wool Bedford
- ???? Tweed Brookline
- FW10(?) Desert Pants - reverse sateen
- USN Pant - olive reverse sateen - FW12? SS10?
- SS06/SS08 (?) Type 5 Jacket - green reverse sateen
- FW05 (?) Pullover shirt - Filson style
- Print/embroidered baker jacket
- Chore Jacket
- FW12? Upland Vest
- Workaday jeans off-white
- Workaday cords beige
- ???? Officer (?) jacket - Pastel plaid
- FW?? CPO black wool/nylon
** *SOLD*
- SS14 Miner shirt
- FW13 Cinch pants
* Needles/Nepenthes/etc
- FW14 Rebuild 7-cut flannel
- SS15 Rebuild Ribbon Shirt
- FW14 Rebuild Tweed Jacket
- Argyle sweater - same season as http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/greedkobe/item/121502y-073923/
- Nepenthes (Legend?) Sweatshirt
- ~Summer 2014 S2W8 Book Tote 18oz Hunter Green Canvas (Inventory exclusive)
- Sonic Lab shirt jacket
- Needles mesh camo scarf
- Needles tie-dye sweater
- Needles Paisley/crest print 7/10 sleeve shirt
- Hoggs bush pants
- S2W8 Trapper Pack
- S2W8 Cotton Fleece Stand Collar Cardigan
- Needles mixed-stripe popover

Some recent photos, too:

The boots and black pants are a dress code thing, but apparently I just really like that plaid shirt.
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^dope collection. going all the way back timeline wise as well, nice!
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Banded collar long shirt in white linen handkerchief in size L, use coupon code extra30summer and it brings it to ~$82 shipped. Just picked up the XL and plan to layer it under chambray workshirts, I thought these were long sold out, so super stoked to find one for so cheap.

Also, if you're interested in any of my collection, hit me up. I'd be down to sell/trade.
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Grabbed the L, thanks! Also grabbed the broadcloth band collar.
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It's been a while! Only EG piece are the Matt Pants

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The Matt trousers are my favorite EG model. I am disappointed that EG has not produced them in the last few seasons.
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SS14 Chambray Mix-Match Bucket/FW14 Workshirt/SS15 Loiter Jacket/FW13 Fatigues/Shoes Like Pottery
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EGx2, LVC, Chippewa, Happy TBB EG drop day!

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Engineered Garments





Pants texture deetz (Click to show)


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Daiki era WWM
Velva Sheen
Engineered Garments
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so I got the ground jacket in S—the shoulders are okish but overall it seems like it could be a size smaller. I think XS would probably be too small though, and it's a harder size to find. 

it says dry clean only, but if I throw it in the wash to shrink a bit, will that ruin the jacket?


will post pictures later tonight 

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Originally Posted by KamoteJoe View Post


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



It's been a while! Only EG piece are the Matt Pants


What are the sunglasses?

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