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I've got a small collection, due to the limited availability of stuff in larger sizes, especially on the secondary market.


Outerwear Engineered Garments Bedford SS16 Olive Cotton Ripstop XXL
Bottoms Engineered Garments Lafayette FW13 Grey Hawaiian XL
Bottoms Engineered Garments Fatigue Pant SS13 Olive Ripstop XL
Bottoms Engineered Garments Fatigue Pant FW15 Olive Outback Canvas 38
Accessory Engineered Garments Button Shawl FW15 Grey Wool Flannel OS


I've sold one piece and am currently selling a second:


Bottoms Engineered Garments Fatigue SS14 Olive Ripstop XL
Shirting Engineered Garments Tab Collar Shirt SS15 100s White Broadcloth XL
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It's 07 or 08. That's old. The fit is world's different than 12-present workshirts.

I am putting together my collection. :O
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Nice collection you guys have. I've collected quite a few since being on this forum as well. Just ventured into Visvim territory as well.
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I guess if we're talking collections.....


'16 Olive Ripstop Bedford

'15 Bull denim Highland Parka

'15(?) Blue Flannel

'14 Navy High Count Twill Bedford

'14 Floral/Liberty Andover

'14 Floral/Liberty Cinch Pant

'14(?) Heather Gray Oxford Landsdown

'14(?) Heather Gray Oxford USN Pant

'14(?) Gray Chambray Workshirt

'14(?) HB Stripe Workshirt

'13(?) Floral Club Collar Shirt

'13(?) Gray Irving Blazer

'12(?) Hawaiian Popover


i don't know what a lot of the seasons are since almost everything i've picked up has been used.

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SS12 Mountain Parka in navy NyCo
SS13 Field Jacket in olive NyCo
SS15 Explorer Jacket in khaki weather poplin
FW09 Mackinaw Coat in navy Melton wool
FW14 Field Parka in coated olive cotton
SS16 Loiter Jacket in navy pima cotton
SS16 Fatigue Shorts in olive ripstop
SS15 Ghurka Shorts in navy crisp twill
SS13 Explorer Hat in khaki NyCo
SS15 Bucket Hat in chambray combo
SS16 Explorer Hat in olive ripstop
SS16 Type M-51 Parka in Navy NyCo
FW14 Overalls in navy twill
FW10 Workshirt in navy/rust/brown/white flannel
FW10 Workshirt in red/green/black/khaki flannel
FW10 Workshirt in blue/brown/magenta/white flannel
SS12 Miner Shirt in chambray
FW13 Miner Shirt in grey/navy flannel
FW08 Workshirt in chambray
FW09 Workshirt in chambray
FW10 Workshirt in chambray
SS11 Workshirt in chambray
FW13 Workshirt in chambray
FW14 Workshirt in chambray
FW15 Workshirt in chambray (x2)
FW13 Workshirt in navy/black flannel (Odin NYC exclusive)
FW13 Workshirt in grey covert
SS15 Workshirt in white pima
FW15 Workshirt in blue/black houndstooth
FW15 19th bd in heavy white oxford
FW15 19th bd in grey glen plaid
FW15 Bush Shirt in indigo denim
FW15 Bush Shirt in red/green/yellow/black flannel
FW15 Popover BD (elongated) in navy/red/black flannel
FW11 Workaday 19th bd in chambray
FW14 Workaday bedford cord navy fatigue pants
FW07 Workaday olive reverse sateen fatigue pants
FW14 Workaday grey reverse sateen fatigue pants
FW12 Workaday grey reverse sateen utility jacket
FW10(I think) Workaday olive reverse sateen fatigue pants - orSlow fabric
SS15 Fatigues in navy ripstop
FW14 Fatigues in olive NyCo
FW14 Fatigues in brown duck canvas
FW15 Fatigues in Cone Mills denim
SS16 BDU pants in navy broadcloth
FW13 E1 Pants in grey covert herringbone
FW15 Workaday thermal hoodie in grey
FW14 Gym Crew in heathered olive

This is just off my memory. I'll append more tomorrow. I have traded off a lot of my older EG as well because I lost a lot of weight since I started wearing it, there were some pieces that I wish fit me better but such is life. It's taken 7 years and a lot of trading/rakuten sniping/ebaying to put together this set up. I think the best score of all, was the Mackinaw coat for $50 buy it now on eBay, only reason I would ever pick that up for FL.
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Originally Posted by ramdomthought View Post

tags changed in ss13 (man, has it been that long already?)

It looks like it's got a strike through the tag which might mean it's a sample and a fabric not used in any main collection. I'm not familiar with that fabric in anything

Here's a pic of the tag,
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I thought I would throw my hat in the ring (longtime lurker)...

SS16 Chambray banded collar long shirt
SS16 Navy Twill Bedford
SS16 Chambray bucket hat
SS16 Black Handkerchief banded collar long shirt
FW15 Charcoal flannel banded collar long shirt
FW15 Charcoal Shawl collar knit jacket (sweater)
FW15 Grey Boucle Shawl collar sweater
FW15 Navy Cashmere flannel robe
FW15 Olive Highland Parka
FW15 Olive BDU pants
SS15 White Handkerchief banded collar long shirt
SS15 chambray work shirt
FW14 NNY exclusive Navy Homespun Bedford
FW14 NNY exclusive Olive Homespun Bedford
FW14 Navy Shawl collar knit jacket (sweater)
FW14 NyCo Fatigues
SS14 Chambray work shirt
SS14 Tattersall 19th Cen. BD
SS14 light blue oxford 19th Cen. BD
FW13 Grey Herringbone CPO
FW13 Navy uniform serge Lafayette jacket
FW13 Grey Herringbone Work jacket
FW13 Charcoal windowpane LDT vest
FW13 Heather Navy Oxford cloth work shirt
FW13 Heather Black Oxford cloth work shirt
SS13 Heather Grey Oxford Truman vest
SS13 Iridescent orange rounded collar BD
FW? White Rounded collar BD
FW12? Grey wool C-1 vest
FW12 Navy Homespun CPO
FW11 Grey/White sweater knit shawl collar jacket
Grey, Navy Homespun and black wool button shawls
Several other mixed workshirts/tee’s/ties/pocket squares and scarfs

Sold off too much to list, but have decided to just hold on to pieces in the last few years.
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^those heather cloth workshirts are seriously so nice. I never picked one up, but I would imagine that fabric ages really really well.
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Originally Posted by dadameemo View Post

Here's a pic of the tag,

That is very old. I think SS07/08
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This is from memory, no clue the season on some of these items:

fw09 Varsity Cardigan
fw08 Shawl Collar Cardigan
fw 08(09?) Flannel Workshirt
fw10 Bike Shirt
fw13(14?)Chambray Workshirt
fw?? Flannel 19th Century
ss?? North River Shirt
ss10 Madras Camp Shirt
ss?? Poplin Workshirt
ss?? Madras Workshirt
ss?? Chambray 19th Century
ss14 Pique Buttondown Collar Shirt
ss13 Pique Popover
ss15 Madras Workshirt
ss10(?) Kendall Jacket
ss15 Knockabout Activecloth Shorts
ss?? Ghurka Shorts
ss?? Twill Fatigue Shorts
ss14 Crossneck T-Shirt
Workday x TBB Everyday Shirt
Workday Thermal Hoodie
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Originally Posted by lawlercon View Post

 It's taken 7 years and a lot of trading/rakuten sniping/ebaying to put together this set up. 

Any recommendation for shopping on rakuten? everything is always all over the place and i've never really had any luck.

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@falgfalg Yea, its always like that. Just open up every item you're interested in, in a new tab, check the size, if its not your size, X it out. That's about the only way to do it. Start to bookmark the stores you see stocking a lot of EG, then just run your search through their store alone - rather than the whole market place.
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Also a longtime lurker... not entirely sure about years and may be forgetting a handful of things as this is off the top of my head.

SS10 light green chambray workshirt
FW13 heavy vintage grey workshirt
SS 14 blue chambray workshirt
SS 15 natural cotton herringbone workshirt
FW 15 blue/grey chambray workshirt

FW 13 white 19th century bd
Workaday blue 19th century bd
FW 14 dobby 19th century bd
SS 14(?) tattersall 19th century bd
FW 15 blackwatch 19th century bd

workaday reverse sateen fatigue pants
either dessert pants or ghurka pants in khaki not sure of year
SS 14 grey oxford USN pants
FW 14 olive fatigue pants
FW 14 antique herringbone cinch pants
SS 15 herringbone khaki USN pants
SS 16 homespun grey fatigue pants

FW12 grey herringbone baker
SS 13 navy bedford
FW (?) grey herringbone CPO
FW 14 black reversible bal coat
FW 14 antique herringbone andover
FW 15 olive moleskin bedford
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@lawlercon yeah thats a good idea. thanks man.

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I must say, all the collections look impressive. It's also nice to know there are many avid wearers of EG.  

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