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thought i would throw this in here, i only have 5 or 6 eg pieces, but alot of vintage, so i think its pretty easy to mix and match. Vintage viyella and sorel
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how tall are you? all that pant at the bottom and all that shirt in general don't really suit you. also, what hat is that? one from den as well? the shirt seems too big as theres ample cuffing going on while it still is close to your wrists.
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I am going to get the pants tapered, they are huge. Im short, im 5'6" the hat maybe from den? i have no idea, i got it on here The only thing wrong with the shirt is the arms as you note, they are really wide, the rest of the shirt fits well after i shrunk it in a hot soak. But, they are only cuffed once
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i love a lot of the details on the pants but i'd never buy a pair. there are plenty of nice pants out there for me. especially that ones that fit at the time of purchase.
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the bottom is like a bellbottom
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i did it and i love it.

to go to a national park with a friend.

i'll be wearing my duffle over this but you all already know what that looks like.
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Originally Posted by breakfasteatre View Post
I am going to get the pants tapered, they are huge.
Yeah, the pants do need a little tapering. Even on me at 5'9" they were in need of it. Hopefully when that gets done the details at the hem don't get lost. Otherwise, all the pieces in the fit go pretty well together and a little tailoring will turn it up a notch.

JO3B, the Logger Vest turned out a lot better than I anticipated. More shops should have picked that one up. BTW, what sweater is that underneath?

Souper, nice pickup on the Fireman Coat. It's got a ridiculous amount of details that just can't be conveyed with fit pics. Nice NDG? sweater too. Wish that their stuff fit me better since their look seems like a good match with EG.
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had stores picked this up they would have lost money in the end. its way too rididuclous. that being said, i was in need of a ridiculous piece of clothing and i actually WANTED a vest the day i left for the city. that it turned out to be EG and dirt cheap were all coincidences.
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JO3B, what jeans are you wearing in the pic with the vest? EDIT: I just found them in WAYWN. Nice Eternals.
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I'll take some new ones if I'm so inspired this weekend. In the meantime, here's an old one. Woolrich Woolen Mills Cruiser Shirt blue chambray EG Herringbone Shawl Collar Cardi EG field jacket (08 S/S) Iron Heart 634s Tricker's Stow Brown Krupp Cordovan By the way, though you can't see it that well, that WWM shirt rocks. I've been getting a ton of compliments on it. The chambray has a really cool texture.
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Try this out JO3B:

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is that what thats been all this time!? i might have to pass on that reccomendation, thanks timpo :P now that i think about it, it probably IS meant to be reversible. its the only EG piece i've seen with the MADE IN NY tag within the pocket.
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EG Bedford with some other stuff thrown in.
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any excuse to cross post is taken. EG bedford and Quick-Release not shown.
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The sleeves look very short. Also your feet are begging you to replace those shoes with some redwings.
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