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about to be a bunch of pictures posted.

first, the pick ups from the sample sale, it turns out i might have more trouble than ease with these pieces.

the vest:

the ecru jacket:

the cap:

ok now a butt load of fits, most include EG, even if its just a belt, but if not are at least inspired by the aesthetic. i've worn some but not all of these out, i just had some free time before work today to play dress up.

the first is with a recent j crew pick-up, inspired by one of the few photo's leaked from the SS09 collection.

i think this is a woolrich (italian line) chambray, woolrich blazer/work jacket of some sort, batik print pants from j. crew, and C&J wing tips, i forget the model name.

same outfit with ecru denim. the back shoulder blade area is a little more prominent than i prefer, but i'm hoping it settles down some? other than that i'm pretty happy with the jackets fit, despite it being a medium when i normally wear XS and S

herringbone bedford from this year (thanks gary!) with a jcrew vest and flannel. pants are uniqlo vintage khaki's tapered down to perfection (imo, of course)

same outfit with my duffle from this season thrown over it. this thing is pretty perfect and i'm having trouble wearing anything else because of it. pardon the blank stare.

next is the same wool bedford with a wool j. crew shawl sweater and the buffalo check cap that was sold at den (another of my favorite purchases) sorry for the lack of details in the photo, i'm not amazing at taking pictures of myself and my small room and lack of lighting hardly help.

this is something i've worn before, and i don't remember if styleforum or the other SF asked for better details. anyway, the only EG here is the belt. the rest is either woolrich italian line or j. crew. the bow is hand-made by me.

same exact outfit with the field parka from AW07

ok i lost track of time and have to run. mods i apologize for the huge pics. using tinypic is probably the worst thing ever.

i have a few more but i'll update later.
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^ J Crew pants are next level. Props for making them work in a fit.
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^^^Nice, JO3B. 1. The vest is called the Logger Vest: 2. Awesome J.Crew pants! Will have to look into that. 3. The Bedford fits really well on you. 4. The pants will the Duffel don't seem thick or hefty enough to go with the jacket. A little imbalanced. Maybe some thicker pants, wool perhaps? 5. Where are you getting the Woolrich main line? Are they stateside? 6. I wish I didn't return my AW07 Field Parka.
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yoox has alot of woolrich stuff is that vest real fur, it looks synthetic to me, and it would make sense if it was
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great fits! I really like the one with the j crew pants, aswell as the buffalo plaid cap
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Originally Posted by breakfasteatre View Post
yoox has alot of woolrich stuff is that vest real fur, it looks synthetic to me, and it would make sense if it was
Robin noted about the Storm Coat that the fur's synthetic and that he found it unfavorable.
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^ Yeah, I'm a bit biased towards synthetic furs (also the cheap real furs from china), I don't think I've ever seen it done nicely. The recent pictures in the thread are great though.

timpoblete, did you get that hoodie off ebay this last week? I was watching one just like it, but didn't bid.
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^ Yeah, that's the one. I didn't win the inital auction, but the guy had a second one available. The sleeves are pretty short for a large, so good thing you didn't bid. EDIT: Did you bid on the green pullover sweater? It was relisted and gone via BIN.
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Nope, I figured the sleeves were going to be too short.
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JO3B - are you really still playing Perfect Dark?
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Excellent JO3B. The fits are fantastic and you just kicked this thread up a notch and I am appreciative. When I get my camera for Xmas I will post my own fits even though they are not true to the whole aesthetic. I see you like you have good taste in watches and boots. Is that a 104 on your wrist?
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JO3B killed this thread. Not my steez at all but he did it perfectly.

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looking good jo3b, only thing i dont think works is that white jacket with the floral pants, makes the pants look like momwear
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EG black nyco fireman's coat

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thanks for the comments. to be honest when i was trying on the pants this morning my favorite combo with them was just a white t shirt and my c&j's. everything else looked a bit much. the next best thing was the chambray alone untucked. timpo, i stayed in florence for the summer and the WPStore there is i think, the main stockist of both woolrich and woolrich woolen mills over in italy. also, thanks for that link on the logger vest! i was aware of the jacket with the same fur but i had no idea anyone sold the vest. i think it'll be restricted to only layering as the chances of me wearing it solo are slim unless i feel real gutsy some morning. and i'm really not playing perfect dark. my brother decided my tv would be a good place to put his older systems.
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