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Recording telephone conversation on pc

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Mates, I'm trying to record telephone conversation from my landline to my PC without buying a digital voice recorder. Is it possible? And what software do I need? Currently I am trying to access the telephone line via my PC but unable to transmit my voice to the other side, although I do get the voice from the other side to my headset. Thanks for the attention.
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The easiest way would be to get one of the suction cup phone recording microphones sold by Radio Shack. I don't know if they work on newer phones but they work fine on the old kind with a bell and a smooth handset. They are like $4 or so and plug into your mic jack. I'm kind of lost with your second paragraph but I will say do NOT try just hooking up your phone line in parallel or series to a 1/8" and plugging it in the mic jack. It will fry your sound card; ask me how I know. Phone lines carry 48V. Sound cards expect 0V.
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J, I connected the telephone cable to the jack on my internal dial-up modem. The headset goes to my soundcard (Turtle Beach Santa Cruz). I could hear the voice from the other side but they can't hear me. This thing from Radio Shack, would they work on cordless phones? Mine is a Uniden 900 MHz.
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Have you seen Call Corder? The evaluation version is free to download, although it probably has a 30-day trial period. I'd imagine the README file would tell you how to connect your PC and phone.
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I seem to remember from back in the modem days that they used to make modem/sound card combination boards you could use for this purpose. They probably still do, actually. I just haven't looked into it for a long time. The Radio Shack thing should work I would think. You might need to tape it on if the phone isn't smooth plastic. It works by induction of the speaker voice coil in the earpiece of the phone so any phone with a big enough speaker should work. It's worth a try anyway, they will take it back if it doesn't work.
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Just installed the call corder but still trying to connect the landline to the PC. J, do you know the exact name of that thing from Radio Shack? Any picture floating on the internet? Or is this it by any chance?
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Sorry, I missed this. Yeah, that's the thing I was talking about. Looks like inflation has hit Radio Shack prices-- I bought the same thing when I was a kid for $3-4.
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Keep one thing in mind: Radio Shack keeps track of some things they sell, things which they think have an especially good chance of being used for illegal acticity. When they ask for your name, address and/or phone number tell them that you have no wish to give it to them. They will ask you for this information no matter what you buy. They will try to claim that giving them this information will facilitate returns at any Radio Shack locations. Once I gave them this info when I was much younger, and the spelling of my name was butchered on the receipt...a month later I began receiving random electronics catalogs from other companies with the same misspelling.
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Oh yeah, and speaking of illegal activity, check local laws before you record anything. In some places you have to notify the other person, etc. And give Radio Shack fake info, of course.
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