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Where to buy Loake shoes in US ?

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First post... please be nice :). 


I have been looking for a new chukka boots to wear with jeans without breaking the bank. I have checked a few in Nordstrorm (UGG, John V and etc.) , but was not happy with any of them.


Finally came across Loake chukka , the Kempton leather sole and Pimlico -dark brown looked nice.

Need advice on the color. Can I wear them  with blue jeans ? Where to buy them in US ? I live in Colorado.


the Kempton leather sole and Pimlico -dark brown can be found in the below link.




Thanks in Advance !

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Loake are a really nice brand, good choice in shoe too. I think I prefer the Kempton to be honest, although they are very similar.  


Dark brown shoes go great with gray, navy blue, regular blue, beige and khaki pants in my opinion. So yeah, they will look good with blue jeans I would imagine. 


Also, Pediwear is a good company to get them from, they usually deliver really fast, even to the US from what I hear around this forum.


I am also a first poster, however I have been reading a lot around the forum for a while, just never really had the time to get stuck in. Maybe this can be the start. 


The link to Kempton from Pediwear is: http://www.pediwear.co.uk/loake/products/2514.php 


I don't know where you could get them in the US, they are an English heritage brand so they are probably very rare.


Anyway, good luck.



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Accidentally posted twice. so editing this one...

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you can get Loake's from robinsonsshoes.com.  They are still located in the UK, but they will ship to the US for free.  Be aware that it does take a long time to get the shoes (my order of Barker's took 3 weeks).  Also, be certain you are ordering shoes that are the right size as you will have to foot (no pun intended) the bill if you have to return them.  If you have a medium width foot I'd go with an E or F width as the G width felt like I put my foot down in a shoebox instead of a shoe.  Anyways - hope it works out for you!

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They are based in Washington, D.C.
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In  the US you can also find Loake @ Houndstooth in Kansas City, Moulded Shoes and Bloomingdales in New York City, Haberdashman and Dei Giovani in Chicago, online @ Eastdane.com and Highkickz.com

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Im looking to buy some loakes. Where can i purchase in the US

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Not sure if somebody needs this info. I bought several pairs from https://english-brands.co.uk they seems reasonable to me, especially for English shoes.
Hope this helps.
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