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Herring Shoes making a hollow sound

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hello ,

I am trying to upgrade my style and I need some advice.

I have just purchased a pair of Herring Surrey Continental shoes. I have pasted 2 images below and you can find them here:

I am new to these type of shoes so I started with an inexpensive one (I do not want to buy "cheap" shoes", of course !). I usually wear EU 41 (GB 7) shoes and, not being sure whether to go for the medium or wide one, I chose the wide one. It does not fit snugly; there is may be half a centimetre of space at the vamp (i.e. the widest part of the shoe)

The problem is when I walk on hard surfaces, it makes a hollow sound, a bit like when you wear heavy work boots (but not quite as bad). I find this quite embarrassing. I don't want people to think I'm a weird person who is wearing funny shoes. If you check the shoes, you will find that it is elongated at the tip. Hence, there is an empty space between my toes and the tip. Is this, and the fact that there is some free space at its widest part, causing this sound? Or is it the fact that the soles of such shoes are harder than the rubber soles I am used to? Can this sound be avoided/reduced or should I get over it and consider it normal? The shoes do fit well at the heel and the quarter.

Thanks a lot beforehand.



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Interestingly enough, these shoes are in fact a real bargain. There is a real strategy devised by Adrian Herring behind that. Now as to your query, the solution would be to wear them from Fall through Spring, and then pull off your socks accordingly.

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Thanks for your reply BlackFuchs...


I have contacted Herring. According to them, it is normal that leather soles are noisier than rubber ones. But it would seem that the shoes are a little too big and too wide. So my advise to everyone: if you wear EU 41 (GB 7) for sport shoes, choose a half-size smaller for dress shoes and choose them tight (GB 6.5 F). One full size might be too tight.


I actually purchased the shoes through a friend in the UK (I do not live in the UK). I am impressed that Herring shoes have offered me a 20% discount on the next shoe that I will order from them because of the disappointment and hassle I went through (which is, by the way, not their fault at all!). So, indeed, I can confirm what others have said: Herring do have a top-class customer service!


I will wear the shoes for some some months. If I am still not comfortable with the sound, I will wear thicker socks and perhaps add insoles.

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This is one of the most bizarre exchanges I've ever read
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