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How often do you go to the barber/hair-stylist?

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It would be great if everybody could reply. I would like to see if you guys have the same manners when it comes to hair and barbers. ~THX~
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I cut my hair about ever two weeks. I have short hair, so I can cut it. No worries. parsonsdb
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Once a week for me... and while on this subject let me say that a hair cut/hair style is something many men should give a great deal more consideration. If you happen to wear an ugly shirt at least you dont have to wear it tomorrow or you can put on a jacket for that matter, but a hair cut is something different all together. There is no hiding it around the office....if it sucks, well you look stupid...not just for the day but for a good two weeks at a minimum.
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I get my hair cut about every 2-2.5 months. I have longer hair so all I need is a maintainence cut every so often, but when I do get it cut I take at least an inch and a half off, and then let it grow out again. I strongly agree TyRi that most men don't pay enough attention to their hair cut. I know alot of people that will pay $100+ for a shirt and then get a $7 hair cut. This is just one area you can't skimp on. For years I went to the $10 barber and was dissapointed each time. Finally I gave in; so now I spend $35 plus tip. However now I'm satisfied even though its expensive.
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I generally only go about once every month and a half, which isn't nearly enough. My hair grows fast; I should be going twice a month. But I'm not happy with my haircut at all anyways, so it doesn't really matter. At least not until I come up with a better idea.
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When I keep my hair short (1-1.5'') ever 4 weeks, but lately I have been growing it out (3.5''), so about every 2.5 months.
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About every three weeks for me. I usually trim the back of my neck in the meantime though.
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I used to be on the four-week plan, but now I see my hair stylist (if you pay someone more than $20 to cut your hair, he/she cannot be considered a "barber") once every three weeks.  My hair is short (but not excessively so) and slightly messy, and this schedule allows me to avoid looking like I need a haircut or just had a haircut.
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I have short hair that grows way too fast. I get it cut ever 2.5 weeks.
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I am not planning to encounter a barber sometime soon since I am nursing a baby afro at this moment.
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Every 2-3 weeks.  My hair is shorter on the sides/back but longer on top/front.  So I get the sides and back done each visit, but I usually alternate as to the rest of it (i.e. every other time I leave the front and top untouched, with trims on those areas on alternating visits).
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I'm becoming addicted to shorter and shorter hair. It used to be once every three weeks, then it was once every two weeks, and now its about once every 12-13 days. Come to think of it, I think that my barber is making a fair bit of money off me without having to do much work.
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I'm in Mike C's camp- 4 weeks on the inside, 8 on the outside. LAG- you and I are exact opposites again- LOL...
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Once a month
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6-8 weeks
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