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IT job with formal dress codes?

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I am a biomedical informatician. I analyze stats and numbers for medical research. Basically, I'm a geek and I love computer and numbers.

I also appreciate good suits and cloth, however my workground usually involves in wearing something very casual.

I'm trying to find a place where I can do both. I am looking for a job that requires me to wear a suit, while I get to do work with computers. Programing, data mining, analyzing, anything. I looked around as best as I could, but any tech-heavy companies try to stay away from them. I COULD wear suits while others wear printed t-shirts to work, but I would rather not take that option.

So, help me out here. Is there any place where I get to be a geek and still wear a suit? or do I have to give up one?
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Perhaps the Pentagon is hiring.
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A few Wall St. firms have business formal dress codes that usually apply to their IT and quantitative analysis groups.
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yer, i worked for an IB doing IT and it was suit and tie Mon-Fri.

You could work in software sales. That would probably put you in a suit and tie everyday. It would also make you a whore though.
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I work in a large medical center in IT. The people that do what you describe are in Finance or Operations not IT as they aren't involved in technology directly. Many of them wear suits or sport jackets. Some of us in IT support wear ties and some dress like the homeless. The only rule in my department is that you have to wear clothes.
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Sounds like you're are out of lucky anywhere but Wall Street.


In my past life I've visited many IT shops only to find out that I was mostly over dressed.  On several occasions I was told to "tone it down" in order not to look like a big boss from the headquarters. Business casual was the most conservative IT dress code I've see and even that was badly butchered by over excessive utilization of last seasons' outfits from Gap. 


I do my best to rock it on a casual side, but it is getting old, I tell you that... 

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