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^A jacket with some mohair in it can do the same thing. and at the same time not be so hot. I love velvet for evening too, as my original post indicated, but it is impossible to wear in any kind of heat, you'll melt. I'm going to be testing out this mohair blend route soon, I hope in time for summer.
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True, and I overheat faster than an '86 Hyundai! Fortunately, my dinner jacket is mohair. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by unbelragazzo View Post

These can look good, but you've got to be pretty careful IMHO. I know a guy that wears them a bunch, but he's quite thin and good-looking. For those of us not so blessed, having the collar to frame the face helps quite a bit.

Sorry about that, I don't know what it's like to not be really really ridiculously good looking
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Back to the tie, I suppose one could do the Bryan Ferry lounge lizard with the bow tie left untied under the turndown collar.
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^this seems really affected unless you're actually coming from an event where you had it tied
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^ +1
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Originally Posted by sinfjotli View Post

If you want to avoid the open neck shirt but don't want to wear a tie, a nice option, especially in winter, is a turtleneck - there was a nice article on this topic on Suitable wardrobe recently


I imagine a fine white or off-white turtleneck with a dinner suit or a white dinner jacket could look good, especially if the jacket has a shawl collar and/or is double breasted. However, any sort of dinner jacket might be too formal for "black tie casual" or "casual evening dress".

A black / deep blue suit or a cream jacket with black / deep blue trousers would make the outfit more casual. Any shade of grey looks very "day wear" to me. Especially with a navy blue suit, wearing slippers would add to a business-inappropriate look.

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