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Do You Use Collar Stays? - Page 3

Poll Results: Do you use collar stays in dress shirts?

  • 30% (29)
    Yes (metal)
  • 6% (6)
    Yes (mother of pearl / horn, etc)
  • 44% (43)
    Yes (default plastic)
  • 18% (18)
    No (take them out, let the fusing do all the work on my high end Barba's, Borrelli's, etc)
96 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by SJTM View Post

I noticed in several fit posts by Mr. Spoopoker that most of his collars have a slight but perfect outward curve to their drape.  I have experimented with brass stays, preshaping a pair to a slight curve.  I am very pleased with the results ( emulating the look of Mr.S is, I find, usually a good thing).  

Get rid of the collar stays. There ya go. Most of his shirts seem to be borrelli, finamore, or Tom Ford.
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just use the thin ones.

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Don't need them, again they will not stop the collar curling under slightly.

If you or the help press the shirts with a domestic iron. Do the following for cotton shirts regardless of the brand, fused or floating canvas.

1/ Put the iron on steam cotton. Put the iron on the near end of the collar, hold the far end of the colar, move slowly along the collar, pull the other end of the collar whilst doing this, (don't steam your fingers), Do this twice, stand the iron & turn it off steam,wait about 20 seconds do this again once or twice with less pulling. Turn the collar over and press just in the middle of the collar once quickly & lightly with about half the width of the iron ie use the pointy end and go half way up. put the shirt on the hanger or wear it. The beauty is this takes into account how a shirt is made and if there is unseen dirt on the iron the back of the collar is not seen. For floating canvas a light push at each end of the collar will push fullness slightly back from the edge. This is called the Bds method and is very collar friendly.

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Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post

Nice. Have they ever torn through a collar like the metal ones supposedly do?

I've never had that problem. Their MOP stays are dirt cheap, nicely rounded & polished, and you can get any custom size you want. Don't expect quick shipping though. I've ordered from them twice and I think it took 2-3 months for delivery each time.
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I like the weight of brass stays, but have had some issues with tearing.  Got a tip a while back.  Use the brass stays backwards.  The round end will not be as prone to tear the fabric.  Haven't had a tear since.

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