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I'm feeling brave:


All thrifted or e-thrifted and tailored to make it work. Jacket has just been through session 1 and still needs further suppression, further reduction of armholes, and correction of a pitch issue (not to mention a buttonhole on the lapel) but the guy I took it to didn't make me confident in his abilities.  I'm waiting till I get back to Seattle before I find a guy to finish the job. 

Jacket is a Tom James (English American, right?) Linen that is no longer a complete box. 
Shirt is RLPL, the windowpanes are rust, light blue, and purple, base white. 
Tie is old Thomas Pink (Made in England) purple grenadine. 
I have no idea who made the PS, just that it's hand-rolled, silk, and Italian. 

Not shown are the goldenrod beige Canali slacks I've picked up, because they still need serious slimming work. These are my shoes and socks though! (Pants in the shot aren't actually part of the look)

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1. tie knot too big.

2. jacket + tie = formal / pants + shirt + shoes = casual. not ideal.

3. thread is not really about fit, but impossible to tell with those pics anyways.
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Yeah, stitchy!

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If the tie was a knit, and even though I'm not keen on that shirt, it would have been pretty good IMO. Some more contrast on the hanky wouldn't have been a bad idea either.


A navy blazer covers the whole casual/formal spectrum of odd jacket+trousers (plus it's linen, so I'd say it's even more casual than formal), so I think it's fine. All things considered I think it's a pretty good first attempt.

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well, it could very well be the pics, but im kind of a bitch when it comes to SC and khakis. based on those pics, the SC looks like a very nice smooth/sleek fabric and the pants are kind of rumply khaki. both are fine fabrics, i just dont love them together. YMMV on that tho.
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It's not bad. What are the trousers made out of? Some kind of tropical wool? (The ones you're wearing, not the khakis in the picture with the shoes).


I do really like the combination, but I think the shirt is unseasonable. Obviously, if you have fall/winter weather, then fall/winter clothing is great no matter what the calendar says -- UrbanComposition showed that the other day. The thing is, a tatersall like that reads, to me, as a fall-winter shirt. I packed away my tatersalls until next fall -- I gave one a shot, but it just didn't feel right.


A navy doeskin or donegal jacket would be perfect with the same combination. I still wear my hopsack blazer in winter, though it's a bit of a compromise. With a linen jacket, though, I think you need a more summery shirt and tie combination.

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Thanks for the feedback guys! The jacket is actually a rougher texture, kind of the classic weave you think of with linen. But I agree, there are some contradictions in the look that, now that they've been pointed out to me, need addressing. As for the trousers, yes, they're a very nice summerweight wool. 

And while I appreciate the comment of "not bad for a first attempt", I must confess this isn't my first attempt. My first attempt was as an epic n00b and was probably 100 pages back. There may have been a polyester tie and odd pinstriped jacket involved baldy[1].gif

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I think it's fine but as we've been talking about above, its a WAYWRN fit, not at the level of the good taste thread fit.
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Well then look on the bright side, that's quite the improvement!
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Yeah, I'm just glad I got some things right this go around - I knew the kinds of standards I would be held to coming in. I wanted that, I want to get better, not be told everything is peachy. I still lack the experience and budget (yes, budget, 16.5 inch shoulders) to be able to get it all right. But that certainly can't stop me from fixing the little things, like a smaller tie knot! 

On that subject, I have some issues with my knots- I usually do either a half windsor or four-in-hand. Whenever I can get a good dimple, I end up with either a giant knot like the one in my pic, or a tiny little thing that looks like a malformed rhombus, rather than the nice ones you guys pull off here. I have the same issue for either knot, and most every tie I have. Any tips to get ones like you guys?

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Could be the tie playing some part in that. A half windsor will always give you a bigger knot of course. But cheaper ties can have crappy linings that just don't knot well no matter what you do. An older Thomas Pink shouldn't really do that though, but I've never handled one in person.

Like anything in life, practice makes perfect!
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I think I've mentioned my appreciation of Canta's willingness to dish out criticism. I remember the first time I was the object of his critical eye; he led with something along the lines of "I am not trying to be an asshole, but you've purchased stuff from me before, so I care; that outfit is terrible."

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There's nothing wrong with tough love as long as it's not deliberately being an asshole. A lot of people need it. I know I did.
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Originally Posted by aravenel View Post

There's nothing wrong with tough love as long as it's not deliberately being an asshole. A lot of people need it. I know I did.

yup yup. same here. i was given a lot of upfront no beating around the bush criticism and im the better for it.
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Latergram from this weekend.

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