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Was rummaging through an old memory card from a dead camera and found this -

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very nice coat. navy?
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Dark/mid grey melange, with a mid-grey suit worn under. Shirt is light blue end on end weave, tie is navy basket weave silk-wool.
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Originally Posted by gringodaddy View Post

I am new.  I am wondering if I accidentally put a tasteful outfit together.  Probably not. First time wearing the tie.  Not as versatile as I would have thought, though I like the feel of it. The scathing reviews may now commence.


This is close. This is not a fit critique thread, but your jacket is too short and your pants seem like they're pulling on your thighs.


In terms of combination, I like it much more in the wider shot where the shirt appears to be a solid light blue. Even then, the tie is boring -- we might use soporific as a compliment for ties sometimes, but this tie is undistinguished and muddy. It reminds me of, like, late '80s Armani.


I find navy/white striped shirts harder to deal with than a mid or light blue stripe. Square is white linen or cream silk? Either way, good choice with a blue striped shirt. I don't like that the only patterns you have going on are purely linear, though.


Are the belt and shoes gray? That only adds to the questionable '80s bad taste vibe, but it could just be bad light.


You and I use this thread in the same way -- if I can't spot anything wrong with a rig, then I'll throw it up on here and find out. On the plus side, that couch is very fab, and shows that you do have a sense of style -- it's just a matter of learning how to effectively apply it to clothes.

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I like the belly of that lapels on that overcoat Apropos.

On this length of the overcoat thing -- is there supposed to be a standard for overcoat length? I know they tend to be cut longer, but I'm not sure I prefer that on dwarfs like myself.

I felt Foo's coat was a little too long for my preference, though his choice of overcoat length (and those large turn-ups) might be one of necessity cum preference.

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The OC "standard" as per Apparel Arts is just below the knee, but along with indoor heating, miniskirts and bikinis progress has also led to the shortening of OC hems.

Mine - as is standard with most OTR OCs nowadays - is just above knee. It's an unlined number from Phineas Cole, which suits perfectly the warmer Australian clime.

I think some more fashion forward OTR OCs are mid-thigh now, and if you are of slighter build I imagine this trend would work to your benefit as it means that most OCs end at your knee, which is definitely canonical IMO.
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i quite like the longer length.

i have a pea coat i may be grabbing. defo not for this thread tho.
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Foo's overcoat is full of win.
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I rue the disappearance of the calf length coat. They look fantastic IMHO.
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I hate short overcoats. They look awkward and as far as functionality they are quite useless in any real cold. When you do a lot of walking in the cold like to and from the train and such that extra 8" or so of cloth makes a hell of a difference.
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Short overcoats are the worst. They look... Incomplete to me. And like pB says, there is a real warmth difference.

I have a vintage PRL guards coat that hits mid calf and I love it. So thick and warm.
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toss my hat in the long overcoat love, ring.
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looks good to me.
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Is that a blue suit with a blue shirt and a blue tie?

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