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Yeah, I don't have a problem with that watch, especially given the more casual nature of that suit. It's not exactly a tux he's wearing.

This is a really strong look IMO. I'm a bit undecided on the PS, and not a fan of ticket pockets in general, but those are minor nits--this is really strong.
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Thanks guys - I appreciate all of the feedback. I will definitely be wearing this suit with various tie/PS combinations. I think a solid pale blue shirt works best, so I am not sure I will stray from that, but what do you think?

Some could argue that the Speedmaster is too "large" or too "heavy" for a true business look. I tend to disagree, and think this particular watch goes with just about every occasion. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by YRR92 View Post

That looks great. Maybe a printed neat tie with the same ground color, and a plainer square -- white linen or cream silk?

^ This
Originally Posted by Axelman 17 View Post

Excellent but need tie space on the shirt.

^ And this.

But overall darn good.

Purple - green isn't my overall favorite combo but everything us sedate enough that it works pretty well.
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1. watch is excellent.

2. purple and green is nice. i think gdl even recommended it to me once.

3. i like ticket pockets.

4. i agree about wanting more tie space.

again, a great fit.
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I think no watch technically goes with every occasion. In fact, I think wearing a watch is generally the biggest area of tacky sprezz, and generally a huge fail. Right under pocketsquare fail.
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ugh. you have much to learn.
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Everything works. But how is he going to keep those shoes clean?
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So I am taking that watches are the new white shirt on sf?
Soon everyone in sf will have it on their shit list...
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Personally I never wear a watch. I'm not an evangelist about it though.
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I don't think a Movado museum watch with a leather band could possibly ever be in poor taste.

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Surprised at the Speedy hate. shog[1].gif
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People are just saying random crap. It's a fine watch. Looks fine with a suit.
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Unless you wear your watch Agnelli style or seemingly halfway down your hand (I'm amazed how common this is), I think the classic Speedy is A-okay at least in the present day*.

* and if you're time travelling, you've really got bigger fish to fry.
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