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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Stitchy: icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
Lufty: nod[1].gif


thanks dude!

also, ill add a nod[1].gif for lufty
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Originally Posted by Burton View Post

Good question. I think the photo probably does not represent your suit completely accurrately, but I would say a solid color tie --maybe the green that Levoosh have on yesterday. Maybe a stipe like like Manton's --but then I think your square is giong to be off.

I think I may have the thing. Next time I wear this suit, I'll try for a third time and perhaps it will be charming.
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Casual today. pic kinda crappy, i think the true color is somewhere in the middle.

Still good taste?

8anyse7e.jpgbrighter (Click to show)
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Stitch - I know you're working on your white to blue shirt ratio, but this is a good spot for a blue shirt instead of a white one. SC looks nice though.
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i dont have any blue OCBDs yet frown.gif

and i really like the look of an OCBD under a sweater. i think it makes a nice pear shaped roll. i think the white was not terrible tho, no?

and thanks, i like this SC quite a bit. it is actually the first SC i ever bought.
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White's not terrible, but blue is definitely better in this case IMHO. Agree, OCBDs under a sweater are nice.
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Moo, that's a horrible watch to wear with a suit.
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I completely disagree.
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Then you are completely wrong.
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NOBD, full of win per usual. deets on full rig please.
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Is it that cold where you all live already?
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Originally Posted by unbelragazzo View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Rags, going to have to call this a miss. The cardigan is throwing everything off. The pick stitching on the chest is pretty bad. And the fact that it's another pattern (granted hiding under the solid piping strip) adds all kinds of confusion. Lose the sweater and I think you have a much nicer fit. I also think a pale blue shirt would be better with greys and browns.
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