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I love everything about that Solaro fit, Greg. I want those shoes!
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@gdl203 what is the chocolate brown jacket in the top pic? i feel like whatever it is, it is wool + linen.
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It's an old Italian linen suit made up by Chan back in the days.   it is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT LINEN ;P

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that is awesome. can i have it?
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I will throw it in as a gift with an order of 4 bespoke Formosa suits !

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well, i have ordered 2 already and have a SC on teh way. sooooo, im pretty much there. thnx!
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You missed a word... :smarmy:

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True - better shade and better make 

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1. what word did i miss?

2. that is a fantastic suit. but what i really need is a perfect, 3-4 season, chocolate brown, SC. i think its next on my list. perhaps for fall.
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well, either NMWA, panta, or creamy waffle from the armoury. we will see what happens.
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

Trying to keep things in good taste and still summery at Pitti Uomo is a challenge given the peer pressure to dress like a clown to attract the blogger lenses (thanks to A&H Mag and @EFV for snapping photos, and to lovely Erica for significantly improving that pic with her presence)

Greg I REALLY dig the shades in the first pic - would you mind sharing where thy come from?
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They're Oliver People x The Soloist from a few years ago. You may find some on eBay from time to time but it was a pretty small production.
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i think between the various threads that pic has been posted on, you must have been asked about those shades a dozen times.

because they are sweet.
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