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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

Love this red stripe, the white works great here. I have an evenly spaced red bengal stripe shirt and it reads as a quite unpleasant tomato shade.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

funny, i was about to post that pic of the NMWA model. it does appear that shirt you used was with evenly sized stripes.


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awesome. i was starting to thing i was even crazier than i know myself to be. thanks for the close ups.
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Is this thread now officially dead? It was a good run, especially he mofaan rating period and Manton's occasional verdicts. I learnt a lot about pattern matching.
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its not dead. just dormant, waiting for someone to post another fit.
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Those pant legs are terrible! Look how high the hem goes up the leg!
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Lulwot? Are you referring to the cuffs?
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Originally Posted by greger View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Those pant legs are terrible! Look how high the hem goes up the leg!

You realize he's sitting down, right?
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Noob. Properly cut pants maintain just a shiver of break at all times. In motion, standing, seated, the works. Maybe you should try something other than Banana Republic for your clothing, unbel.
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Don't be silly, Sugah. Everybody knows you need the same item in different sizes for different applications. There's a reason DC as Bond goes through 20 suits of the seemingly same makeup in a scene, some sized for running, some for fighting and some for smooching.

It's the reason his stuff looks so flawlessly fitted at all times. (10)
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Sorry edmorel. Noob. Transferred.

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I know no one cares anymore and I'm just talking to myself but this thread really should not be used as a testing ground for outfits. I did not go back many pages but what I saw is not in the spirit of this thread. You guys should probably first post to the WAYWN now thread and if you get a lot of positive feedback, then maybe post here. This has once again become an ad hoc WAYWN thread. This should really be for the cream of the crop, a reference thread in a sense for people who are looking to learn and "graduate" from WAYWN. When there is no difference between this thread and WAYWN and when this thread devolves into pages of discussion as to what makes "good taste", it becomes useless. If this forum is going to serve any educational function and help people dress better, people need to start using common sense. If you're outfit has a lot of green and orange in it or you have a loud sportcoat/suit, it may look great, but its not the purpose of this thread.
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i thought the comment about the too short pants was just a bad joke.

agree with edmorel tho i am probably guilty of the error he had pointed out.
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just would like to note, if people are only supposed to post their absolute best, and most peoples best may not even "qualify" for this thread, and the OG posters continue not to post fits, then yes this thread will surely die soon.
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I struggle to reconcile SF's insistence on loud sportcoats with its insistence that sobriety is the prerequisite for good taste.
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