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Originally Posted by unbelragazzo View Post

What does it mean to deserve to be overrated?

i believe he means due to its impact on the viewer when it was released and due to its impact on the entirety of filmmaking, even if by todays standards one might find it lacking, it still deserves to be overrated. though i would not call that overrating. i would call it appropriate rating an appreciating the bigger picture.
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NbNW is what would happen if Michael Bay were told that he couldn't blow things up anymore.
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I love NbNW. Shocking, I know.
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"Deserves to be overrated" is a good term. It's like Citizen Kane -- we see the cliches, but they're cliches because of how influential they were. If NXNW is Agnelli, the Connery Bond films are the dudes from the Armoury, and the dozens of lousy films on a similar formula are #menswear on Tumblr.

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To clarify: my objection to NxNW is that it now seems overdone. It's that it's just plain bad. How does that assassin run out of the UN without being stopped? How is CG simultaneously worried about being spotted since his picture is on the front page of the paper and spending most of the movie walking around in broad daylight? How is he so credulous when a gorgeous woman is hitting on him so mercilessly and then inviting him back to her cabin for some hanky panky within an hour of meeting him? Half the movie just doesn't scan at all.
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Connery Bond isn't a bad comparison. Those movies are fun in an Austin Powers kind of way but Connery himself is almost openly making fun of himself, the movie, and the audience in his own damn movie.

How you think this relates to clothing depends on how you view dressing as an art form. Maybe "style" is inherently camp and pop culture sideshow is all it can aspire to. But if you think there's something more noble that dressing can touch, then its high priests have nothing to do with NbNW.

Man, the only time I watched this movie was at least a year ago, and I didn't realize until now just how much I hated it.
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Counter proposition: 8 1/2 is the most stylish movie of all time.
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I don't feel that (early) Connery Bond is making fun of himself. I think that we easily forget that he was the original. It's like reading Dracula after having read Rice and the Twilights and seeing True Blood: all the signs point toward vampirism; it's obvious. But if you've never been exposed to any of that, it's fresh and new and actually scary as hell.

Connery was the MF original. Everything after him is imitation or parody.
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You're right about the early stuff. By the end he must have been very tired of it though.
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I'd say Craig takes it in an entirely different direction. Given Bond's overt mental instability in the books, as well as the way it dictates his relationship with his bosses, I'd even go as far as to say that Craig's Bond is closer to the original. I still like Connery's more, and Connery is clearly the defining Bond, but Craig (or the people writing Craig's Bond) deserve a substantial amount of credit.

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Originally Posted by LeviMay View Post

Connery was the MF original. Everything after him is imitation or parody.

What of Connery as parody, a stance Truffaut took (and he knows more than you or I, though of course we can feel free to disagree with him):


Honestly, I don't think of dressing as being able to touch something noble. I can't honestly say I've ever seen an outfit so beautiful it transcended craft. Hell, I don't think I've ever had a really emotional connection with clothing qua clothing. Of course, I don't exactly feel that connection with every film, photo, or painting that rolls up, either -- certainly not with Bond films or NXNW.


(Note that I'm repeating swathes of a discussion unbel and I had on Twitter ages ago. Holler.)

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Originally Posted by Cantabrigian View Post

I tend to agree but only with darker colors.

Which is why I don't care for the NbNW outfit - though I realize I'm probably the only person in the world who thinks that. The almost perfectly matching mid grey on mid grey just seems a bit contrived. It would have been better with a black tie. And the effect on the viewer would have been roughly the same.

Navy suit + white shirt + navy (or black) tie is IMO the best example of the daytime (2013) formal you're talking about.


Speaking of what tie to wear with a light grey suit, here's an interesting comparison.  


Matching light grey-blue suit with tie (not only a tonal match, but more or less an exact color match):



Grey suit (without a bluish cast) and a black tie:



Light grey suit with a navy blue grenadine tie:



Bluish grey suit with lighter bluish grey silver tie (a tonal match without being a color match, and in this way different from Grant's outfit):


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this is the best connery of all time
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Connery must have borrowed Grant's tie here:


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