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Mens B&W two tone spectator shoe I cannot find an exact match for.

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I am hoping someone can ID the exact brand/maker, and "name' of the B&W two tone "spectator" shoes the young shoe shine boy is polishing at the beginning of this music video.


The closest I've come in ALL leather is Allan Edmonds Broadstreet spectator shoe.(see my avatar) Only problem is the S shaped brouging that runs from the lace plate to the top edge of the sole on the side is there, but it's white  UNLIKE the shoe in the video, which has black S side brouging 


Maybe the shoes in the video are leather black portions and canvas white portions?  I believe it's all leather though, hard to tell.. 


Also the holes in the brouging are not white like the shoe in the video.


I found a Florsheim shoe that looks exactly like the one I'm looking for, but the white portion is made of canvas, NOT leather as I'd like for it to be.


Can anyone specifically/exactly ID the shoes in the music video below for me?  I've even emailed the band, but doubt I'll get a reply as they tour constantly,plus I doubt they care  about my question concerning the shoes, LOL


In the video link below, notice the B&W two tone shoes at the beginning that the boy is shining, you'll see them just after the camera shows the girl walking.


It's the Social Distortion song "Machine Gun Blues"  I really like these shoes Mike Ness has on. I have to have a pair...if I can get the exact ones he's wearing in the video, and hopefully they are all leather, not leather & canvas.


Probably a slim chance, but I figured it's worth asking here. Thanks In Advance, and I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section..

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The shoe in the vid actually looks like canvas/leather, IMO.


However, an all-leather similar version is made by many makers. One example is the Gerrard 3, from Crockett & Jones.

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I'm hoping to exactly ID the maker/brand of the shoe in video. Although there is a question of the shoes in the video concerning the exact shape of the toe , and also questionable if white parts are indeed leather or canvas.


Also after finding pics of many different spectator shoes & doing side by side comparisons of the pics, I notice a diffference in/ of the "lace plate's" actual shape. Some are straight, some taper out towards the toe a little, and ones in video taper "out' at bottom of lace holes, much more than the shoes I seeing online.


Also, the shape of the pointed black leather broguing that points up toward the laces, is a bit different shape on the shoes I'm comparing.


In the beginning of video where he's sitting in shoe shine chair,,the leather brouging on to has a thinner "pointier" appearance than others I'm seeing, &  it looks as if the toe is sewn together in the middle, top to bottom of toe,  at the beginning of video but later I don't think they are( similar to the way the old Nettleton tassle loafers were in the 60s-70s).


Later towards the end of the video , when he jumps of the running board, & then when he's" in the barn", the toes look more like the Florshiem and/or  Crocket & Jones and Allan Edmunds toes do.  Hard to tell exactly later in the video, unless you pause it everytime the shoes come into view.


Also after finding pics of diffferent shoes & doing side by side comparison of the pics, I notice a huge diffference in/of  the "lace plate's" actual shape. Some are straight, some taper more thn others.


Also shape of the "S" coming off the lace plate, on the side of the shoe. Some are there, but not black like shoes in video, and others not shaped  correctly or not existant.


I've watched the video while pausing it everytime the shoes pop into view, but only happens a handfull of times making it very difficult to spot the nuiances of exactly how the shoe is put together/made.


FWIW, I found a authentic, vintage, real deal Al Capone picture on a Al Capone history, pictures & personal effects collector's site & Al is wearing B&W Spectator shoes in the pic. Took me 12 hours to find that pic LOL


I'm figuring there are only a handful of the shoe companies in business, that made shoes in the 1930s and are still making shoes to this day.


So far it's Crocket & Jones, and Allan Edmunds are two I've found to be in business back in & before the 1930s  and their shoes seem to most closely resemble the shoes in the viideo


The hunt goes on..........if anyone recognizes the exact maker of this exact shoe, please feel free speak up. It will be much appreciated.


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They look like Barkers ( most spectators I see/own have solid blocks of colour with the exception of Barkers and Cheaneys who seem to use the stripe of brogue punching in a contrasting shade going down the side of the upper.
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I've found Crockett & Jones spectators that have the side brouging. $650.00 is a bit more than I'd like to spend though, but might hav to unless can find less expensive ones


Allen Edmonds spectators have the brouging on side, but it's still white, not black. Florsheim spectators have side broughing in black, but it runs into heel plate so no white on both sides of th side brouging.


I'll look online for the Barkers & Cheaneys. Thanks! 

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Barker Black Spectators are @ $925.00. Quite a bit out of my intended price range


I did find  Charles Tyrwhitt Black & White Spectator Shoes. At  estimated USD sum of $234.00.


Thats within the range I'm willing to pay


Does anyone know if this brand is a well made, long lasting shoe? Anyone have a pair? Any reviews on them?


I'm wondering because I was linked to ebay where they are being sold. Link & pic below.





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