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Hello, My screename is smokeyfan1000 &  I just signed up.  I'm a North Carolinian guy, , a Volvo mechanic, Harley mechanic both of which I do as self employed endeavors . I'm currently restoring a 91 Volvo 240 sedan which you can eat off of most anywhere including underneath LOL


I have several hobbys & interests,and collect a few types of items,including guns, and antique tools.


I don't dress in  formal attire often, but when I do, I dress to the nines. I've spotted a pair of must have shoes though.


I'm a little befuddled as to where to post my shoe question, so I'm asking for advice as to where I should ask it.


I'm looking for a very specific " mens two tone, black & white spectator shoe" which I've seen in a music video, one where everyone is wearing 1930s vintage attire , or at least it appears they did their homework to make it look as such.


The closest I have come to matching it is in a Allen Edmonds Broadstreet B&W two tone spectator,(see my avatar) but it isn't EXACTLY like the shoe I am trying to match. Notice the S shaped brouging on the side is black in the video, but in white on the Allen Edmonds shoes.


I'm hoping someone can tell me who is the exact maker of the shoe I've seen in the video.


Please inform me where I need to post.

TIA, Mike

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Post the music video here!
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OK, you'll see Mike Ness getting a shoe shine by a young boy. The shoes Mike Ness is wearing is what I'm hunting. I've come close, but nothing exact in all leather. maybe  the shoes in the video are black leather, and white canvas like the Florshiems I found online? The video is set in the 1930s FWIW.



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