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Last few years, I have been an avid shopper at DSWs, living on $50-70 DSW bargains for work shoes including "dress shoes". These included casual loafers, plain & boring Ecco's and giant square toes by Kenneth Cole (Yes, that bad wow.gif). 


Frequenting SF, I have learned that Allen Edmonds is a shoe brand that holds its worth and is a good investment in appearance and comfort. My needs are to find atleast 1 black and 1 brown pair(s) that can go business casual or suit/tie. I did visit an AE store last week and liked the McAllister (brown) and New Orleans (black). Both seemed nice looking shoes and may be a good start for building a new wardrobe. I did try the PA as well and although it may be a solid shoe, I don't need something quite that conservative right now. 

What are the opinions of folks on these two shoes? How do you guys perceive them in appearance, workmanship, comfort etc? Appreciate the input. 


-Avg. Joe with sub avg shoes