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This Gucci Suit Fully-Canvassed?

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I've started investing money on a suit lately. I found these Gucci on eBay. The seller mentioned that the jacket and trousers were sold separately. I want to know if anyone can tell if this suit is fully canvassed or not. I personally think that $500 is a really good deal for a Zegna made suit. Please comment.




I appreciate every comments.

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Well, the tag says Made in Italy. In my experience these suits are not the best quality and not made by Zegna as far as I know. The last few specimens I inspected from a similar line were all fused and I could feel no canvas in the lapels making me doubt whether it was even half canvassed.

Zegna-made Gucci suits (usually with Made in Switzerland) are consistent in quality with Zegna mainline although usually a little more pricey but you pay for brand and the style associated with that brand.

Since Gucci are a big brand name, you paid going rate. Perhaps a little than expected given it is 2nd hand.

If the suit fits well, all is not lost and do not bother too much about the level of its construction. Wear it with pride, but if you do care about quality, I would definitely start learning about what makes a good suit and what makers "make" them.

Avoid expensive eBay auctions unless you are 100% sure a suit ticks all your boxes.
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Caveat emptor.


I can see at least a few big problems with that suit:


- The lapels are terrible. They look like some sort of late-70s, early-80s lapels with stylistically low gorge, strange angle, width, etc. This look will be dated almost the second you take possession of the suit.


- The jacket and trousers were not originally part of a suit, but in fact, a blazer and pants that were paired together for the auction. If Gucci sold these items as suit separates that could have been paired, fine. But the photos give the impression of a slight color mismatch between the two. (Could just be the lighting in the photos, but do you want to take that chance?).


- Most likely not full canvas. Maybe half. Maybe.

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^^^ You are correct in your stylistic observations of that suit, I did not have the heart to say it though.
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