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I am pleased to report that the workshop has re opened and is fully back in business.
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Bumping this thread.

Stefano Bemer is now a shoe brand. Anyone has more info about the brand? I think it's not related to the passed away shoemaker anymore.

Just curious because I saw it's coming to Wingtip SF. Patina shoes at HK is carrying Bemer and it tend to have really good taste about shoes.
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Originally Posted by chogall View Post

Bumping this thread.

Stefano Bemer is now a shoe brand. Anyone has more info about the brand? I think it's not related to the passed away shoemaker anymore.


I think that it was resurrected last year, as I'm sure that they had a couple of trunk shows in Tokyo and NY (maybe at Leffot) over the past year.


Also, wasn't the revived Stefano Bemer company behind one of the big get-togethers at the last Pitti? There was a gathering where they had a symposium of tailors, including one or two from Savile Row, talking to an audience, as well as a dinner and drinks function? I'm pretty sure that it was mentioned in the Pitti thread. 


Edited to add: Just had a quick look the Stefano Bemer website and saw that they now offer a range of RTW shoes from 1100 Euros a pair. 


They look very nice, but they're not cheap. It will be interesting to see how they carve out territory alongside other expensive RTW brands such as St Crispin's. 


I wonder who makes their RTW collection?

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No idea. And I think their bespoke operation is run by a Japanese maker.

Their RTW looks nice. Huge ass wooden shoe box. Not sure whom is their OEM, but its not uncommon for Italians to outsource, e.g., Bonora outsource their bespoke shoes to SC ages ago and JLP used Gatto in the very beginning (correct me if I am wrong)

Looking to compare them against SC, which has good service but is becoming overpriced compare to the newly founded brands or newly discovered/established makers.

I know Brio Beijing (of Maomao) and Patina HK carries them. They hosting a trunk show at Wingtip SF on Oct 6.

Going to be in town so I'm gonna go check them out to see what's the buzz about. After all the famed extremely overpriced Spanish bespoke shoemaker once apprenticed at Bemer.
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Yes, Bemer is alive and reborn.

I commissioned an MTO based on one of their RTW chukkas a few months ago.

The 'face' of the new company is Tommaso Melani, who's based in Italy with in-house US distribution based in Cali.

Tommaso is a really great guy to deal with and funny as hell.


Their work is very good but I'm not willing to place them on the same level as StC (that's my prejudice though)

I'm considering another of their shoes but am going to wait until the style options open up a little more.


What is certain is that mr. Melani seems to be willing to accommodate and provides relatively quick turn around times.


I have some photos up in the Boot Guys thread if you want to have a look

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I'm going to head over to Wingtip today to check out their trunk show.
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I did yesterday. Cool stuff.
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Is it MTM or true bespoke?

Did you order anything?
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Didn't order anything. Just wanted to check them out before making decisions. There are a lot of things I could do at their price point.

MTM with leather options. No width sizing.

C last is their classic round.
J last is the elongated sleek C last
T is the chiseled last.
CS and JS are the squared toe option.

Their shoe box is awesome.

Great selection of leathers. Oily kudu looks very good for casual shoes.

They brought fitting shoes.

I am 9EE in Lobbs and was recommended to order 8.5G by SC (bad fit). And I was recommended 44 for C last for SB.
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Posted pictures on my blog. SF editor bar is gone on my FF so I can't post pix.
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My first MTO pair and I wait for 2 months, not bad. :)

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