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He was a true craftsman.


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Me feel very sad,
me alway follow his work with lot of interest,
me want to meet him or order special order shoe,
but no more. frown.gif
His memory alway live on by his family and many customer.
He make very beautiful shoe
He true artist.
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He clearly created some very beautiful things.



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A great loss. RIP Stefano
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I remember reading that article not so long ago and admiring the wonderful shoes he made. RIP.

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Very sad news, i had the pleasure to meet the gentleman in October 2007. he was undergoing some medical test but never mentioned what it was for.

May his soul rest in peace, he was a great man and made some beautiful shoes.My thoughts are with his family and friends.
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So bad to hear this news...he was a very passionate and talented artisan...only 48 so sad. RIP Stefano

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Leonardo Bugelli, who was Stefano's friend, wrote a short blog entry.

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now, he can make shoes with lajos balint in heaven.

r.i.p. stefano bemer
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A nice reminiscence piece by Justin Fitzgerald of the Shoe Snob blog on the claymoor blog about his friend, teacher and mentor - the late master schuhmeister Stefano Bemer:
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I just heard about his passing away. I am sad to hear this and regret I did not take up the apprenticeship when I had the opportunity.
May you rest in Peace Stefano.
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I have just received the message that Mario Bemer, the brother of Stefano, will re-open the shop in November. It has been closed, since Stefano Bemer's passing away.
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Do you have any information as to when in November they will re open? I tried calling e shop with no answer. many Thanks
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I was told he expected to open in November, however at that time there was still some legal work to be done. He could be delayed.
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