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Dry, short, frizzy hair

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Hey guys,

I've been having this problem for years, but recently I decided to do something about it.

I have short hair, which is very dry and frizzy. It never seems to hold any moisture, and even when its full of oil (when I don't wash it for days), it still seems dry.

Its also extremely frizzy, especially after I take a shower and dry it. Individual strands of hair would simply stick up in all sorts of directions.

Now the worst part is, hair products don't seem to do much. Gel makes my hair all matted and "clumpy", hairspray also makes my hair matted, and even moose doesn't help. Too little hair products and my hair simply dries it up, and too much hair products and it looks unnatural.

Does anyone have any ideas on dealing with this? I've tried conditioning recently, but it still seems dry and frizzy.
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for styling, try kiehl's "creme with silk groom"
it's sort of a leave-in conditioner pre-styling product that helps tame the wildest of hair; you put it in your hair and style with it and/or if you wish, use a styling product afterwards

you can also try something like john freida's frizz ease for help with taming your hair

i'd check with your hair stylist to see if there are any dry hair specific styling products that would help; there likely is, there seems to be a specific product for every hair type these days

for shampoooing, you likely need to switch to a shampoo for everyday use or dry hair (korres makes a daily pH neutral shampoo and a specific dry hair one) plus you likely need a conditioner that is specifically designed for dry hair

you may also benefit from a one a week hair conditioning mask (kiehl's makes a good one for dry or colour treated hair) you leave it in for 20 minutes and it helps

whatever you do, it's not going to work overnight
even daily conditioner or a leave-in conditioner will take likely a few weeks to get some results
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Product can help, but first consider the basics. Look at your skin and nails. Are they in good shape? If not, it's possible that hair, skin, and nails are all being negatively affected by your diet.
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Thanks for the advice, I might give the conditioning mask a try. Just curious though, should I condition every day? I've heard its not good for your hair (but I can't remember if it was shampoo or conditioner)

As for the diet issue, my hands are a little dry, and my skin is occasionally, although neither are serious (its just a tiny bit dry). Just curiously, what sort of foods help keep your body un-dry? (apart from water/vegetables)
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i tend to condition about every other day and i see no issues with it
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You left out fruit. That's about it. You might want to consider a humidifier. Interior heating or the climate might be contributing to the dryness.
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For a product with no hold, but very moisturizing without greese, Bedhead After Party. ABSOLUTELY NO HOLD. Other than that, venture into shorter hair products, I wouldn't know about them, I love my long hair
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gomme from la boite a coupe in nyc. highly recommended. expensive at $16 but worth it.
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