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Gift for a college grad

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My friend's son is graduating this weekend from Brown and I want to give the kid something but I have no clue what college kids like these days. He's not a reader, comfortably well off and an all-around nice kid. I'm not too fond of money or gift-certificates because I always think they're an easy way out? My roommie told me to get him a year's subscription of Maxim. Hmmmm. Any suggestions guys? My budget's $50-75 max. Thanks..
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Maybe this would have been more usefull BEFORE college, but, a beer stein is a pretty cool gift to give a young guy.
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How about a sterling silver money clip?  As has been noted on this forum, a money clip is an elegant and tasteful accessory.  I have a Tiffany's money clip that set me back around $60.  You might even be able to get it monogrammed. If your friend's son wears French cuff shirts, a pair of stylish cuff links would also make a nice gift.  Sterling silver is appropriate here too.  I particularly like the cuff links made out of typewriter keys.  I remember seeing them in the Ben Silver catalog a few years back, but don't remember how much they go for.
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Yeah, last year, I got two of my friends monogrammed sterling silver pocket knives. They really turn out nice, because it's smething useful and (with the monogram) personal. Will he soon have a place of his own? If so, some type of household item might work.
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How about blazer buttons with the college insignia on them? A must "touch" for a navy blue blazer. It identifies the "old alumnus".
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