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I have a pair of Cole Haan Cap toes.  Both shoes have creases above the cap toe line.  I hope that makes sense.  Mine aren't a matter of not fitting.  I think I am just too rough on shoes.  

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I have a similar question about fit with a pair of Alden's I recently purchased. After wearing them for a couple weeks, usually 4 days on, 4 days off, the left one has a funny crease. Is this indicative of a bad fit or just how this leather is going to crease?










No, I do not make it a habit to wear these jeans with them.

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Poor choice to place the post in an old, limited thread.

No, that's not how leather should crease. It's almost definitely due to fit and/or motion. For example, the instep looks high.
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Thank you for the reply. What do you mean by motion? I understand the possibility of poor fit (the right side fits perfectly, the left feel a tad big, though not when purchased). I've heard that once it begins creasing like this, you can't really change it either.

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Leather is going to crease as it does. Each shoe will most likely not crease symetrically to the other so not to worry.
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Standing on your toes often, for example, as when reading to grab something from a shelf.
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Ah, that's probably it. At work, I often sit with my toes bent on the ground. Thanks for the insight.
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