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Shell Cordovan coin/card case

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I need a new wallet.
It has to take 3-4 cards as well as coins and (folded) notes.
I found exactly what I am looking for at Hollows Leather.
After I contacted Nicholas several times and didn't get an answer it seems he is not interested in business.
Any alternatives?

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That seems a very particular product. I don't know of anything like that for retail. I'm not sure who makes custom work with cordo, but Narragansett Leathers has worked for me in the past for regular calf leather. http://www.narragansettleathers.com/
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I think you must have gotten spam filtered or something. Sorry about that. And sorry for raising an old thread, just thought I should comment for posterity. I'm sometimes too busy for new projects, but I respond to all emails.

Schmallo is spot-on with the alternatives, all of those guys do top-notch work in addition to being stand-up dudes.
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Hey, that's my wallet!  I will tell you it's been excellent.  I can post photos tomorrow of just how nicely it's aged.

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Here you go.

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