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Khaki suit

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what color shirt and tie would you wear with a khaki suit?? I've seen the light blue combination in various magazines including GQ, any other suggestions?? And also would it be appropriate to wear beige shoes with the suit or should I stick to black?
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That light blue number you've seen does look great with khaki suits- you should give that a try.  I've done that, and I've also worn khaki suits with a very light lavender/purple combo (solid, light lavender shirt and darker lavender/purple tie).  Kinda funky, works surprisingly well. But the best combo for khaki suits, I think, is a white shirt and solid black tie.  Simple, clean, elegant.  Looks great.  You'll see Sean Connery wearing that as James Bond in at least one (and I think more) of his movies, for a summer look that's still classic and refined.  Hey, if it's good enough for Bond, it's good enough for any of us.
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Khaki is very versatile, but is considered a spring/summer color I think. How about a simple blue stripe, French blue. antique orange, lime or yellow? I've got a solid 4 button khaki that I like to wear with a green plaid Thomas Pink shirt, and a very conservative blue with green stripe Charvet tie. And pink supposedly goes very well.
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I just bought one myself, so I havent tried a lot of styles with it. Right now its just white with a very light yellow tie.
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