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I have a client who is a well known public person. She had all the money and Hollywood/NYC/London contacts to get the very best Dr. available. She can't stand the results. It is too bad because she would have aged elegantly without it.

At the same time, I have known people of all ages who have had plastic surgery from lesser known plastic surgeons and the results were excellent. But, none of them asked for very much to be done. Just a small bump removed from the nose, an under chin lift, that sort of thing.

The upper and lower eye work is one that can look pretty scary on men and women.
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I had lipo to remove my double-chin. I am very satisfied with the result! However it was a big decision because although it sounds simple it is an operation with all the associated risk.


I also do regular non-invasive procedures, botox, fillers, meso, laser/RF. Again great results. I decided to stop spending money on cosmetics and do only these. 

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