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Looking for Suits for Groom and Groomsmen

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I'm getting married early this fall and at this point the plan is for me and 3 groomsmen to wear navy suits. I have my fair share of suits but my groomsmen have no suits at all as far as I know. I'd like to get them suits as gifts or at least pay half so I'm trying to set a budget of 500-600 before tailoring. Tight budget, I know. I know they'll all get good use out of a staple suit if they had them. My first thought was something like a Benjamin suit from or something from Suit Supply but I'm hoping to look at a couple other options.

Secondly, I'm trying to decide whether we should all try to wear the same suit, whether I could wear something slightly different like a peak lapel, or should we all just wear navy suits by different makes since we'll all be different fits. My biggest concern is probably how it will look in photos.

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Also look through past threads. This question gets asked all the time.
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Thanks for the links. I'll pour over those and come back if I have more questions.

Any thoughts on suits within that budget?
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Those links will give you ideas for suits in that budget. When I said this question gets asked often, I meant specifically, "suits in the 500-600 range". There is nothing special about your request that makes the advice in those threads less relevant to you.
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If they don't even own a suit then do they have much need for one in general? I'm not so sure it's reasonable to even go that high in price, especially if you are paying for them. Honestly, why not go for slim fit navy Calvin Klein suits that can be picked up for $200 and under. They aren't quite as boxy and have softer shoulders. Other than that, just make sure they actually get the right size and tailor decently. It will come across great in pictures if it fits well. It's a complete waste to get a canvassed benjamin suit just because you're an enthusiast. Clearly they have no interest in sartorial endevours.

Just my two cents.
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Thanks again for the feedback. My groomsmen have all been to at least one wedding this year so far where they would have worn it had they owned a decent suit so I'm confident they'll get good use out of them but you make a good point that maybe I don't need to spend more on a suit if they really don't have the same appreciation as me. I'll be sure to go with all of them to make sure they get a properly sized suit and take them to my tailor that I trust after.

I'll do some more searching for threads on suits in my budget.
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