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parking ticket question

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i just got 3 parking tickets in dc for:

-failure to display current tag (no month exp. displayed on tag)
-no rear tag display
-parking less than 10ft from a fire hydrant

the notice of infraction contains:

-citation #
-date, time issued
-license #
-tag year
-vehicle make
-tow requirement
-location of violation
-fine amount

the citation # has my license plate number down wrong (6RTMXXX instead of 6RIMXXX). it also does not contain my VIN. what should i do? really short on money right now, so id rather not pay it ($200 total) if at all possible.

i tried to look up the citation online, but it says it can take up to 20 days for the ticket to be uploaded to the database.

on the back of the notice are instructions on "answering parking violations," saying that i have 60 days to answer by giving them my name, address, city, state, zip.

my thoughts are to give it 20 or so days, then look up my citation online to see if they actually have my VIN. if they dont, i wont answer at all, because how can they track me down? if they do....then i dunno; might try to fight it. i just moved from CA to VA and am waiting for my VA plates, so in the meantime i have my CA plates on and they are technically expired.

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If the plate number is off on the ticket and its printed (i.e. not a handwritten spelling error) then more than likely it is entered in wrong in the database.
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Do they take a digital photo of the plate whilst issuing the citation?
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^it depends. if it was the ticket was written by dc public works, then there may be a picture. i went to the website and there were no associated pictures of my infractions, though it says that it would usually take 72hrs for the images to be uploaded. so ill wait til then.

also with regards to the no rear tag display citation, the plate was in plain view in the rear windshield even though it was not affixed to my bumper?

edit: ive read that some ticket writers have computers that can read the VIN tag?
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DC resident here so I have paid my fair share of tickets. I have had that happen to me once and since the Plate # is off they can not track you down so don't worry about that one. I would pay the other 2 though, fines double after 30 days unpaid.
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lol so they do have pictures of my car and plates. it shows what model my car is, but the pictures of the plates are still ambiguous. it is difficult to tell if it is 6RIM, 6RTM, or 6RJM for that matter.

btw, which tickets were you suggesting that I pay? makes no sense for me to pay only one but not the other two, especially when i have to give them all of my info when i pay.

according to the dc dmv website:

"You may contest a parking ticket by mail or by appearing at a walk-in hearing within 60 calendar days of the ticket issue date. If you do not contest or pay your ticket within 30 calendar days of receiving the ticket, a penalty equal to the fine will be added, and you may lose your opportunity to have a hearing."

sounds very misleading.
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Go to the DC DMV website and look up your car. If it's not listed under the correct license plate number, you're in the clear.
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Originally Posted by Joffrey View Post

Go to the DC DMV website and look up your car. If it's not listed under the correct license plate number, you're in the clear.

X 2 this is what I was trying to say if it wasn't clear.
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checked it out and my plates wasnt found.

my only worry is that since there are pictures of my plate and the model of my car, that they would mess around until they did find me by matching the plate to the make and model in the CA dmv database.

the picture of the plate is sorta cut off at the bottom due to the heating plate(?) of my windshield. personally i think it is an easy fix for them as the only letter that they got wrong is the only one that could be wrong. so it would only take the effort of plugging in two different letters to get the right plate. too much work for them?
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Not sure what you are talking about when you say they have a picture. Normal DC Parking tickets do not have pictures on them nor have I have ever seen Parking Nazi's taking pictures of license plates.
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Yeah dunno about the photo thing. I've never seen a parking enforcement pig take photos. Nonetheless, if the ticket is written out wrong you are fine. Any error on a ticket voids the ticket (for example if the officer forgets to add their signature).
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interesting. now if dc public works gives you a ticket, they take pictures of the infraction and upload those images as well as a scanned copy of your citation. dc police dont do it, and there are certain infractions where the officer wont take a picture.

i found my picture by going on to and search for "parking ticket images." fill in the ticket #, state of the car's plate and the plate number (in my case the wrong one), and you will be able to find it.

here is mine:

i get 30 days to pay/contest before fines double, up to 60 days to contest, and the pics get deleted on dcpw site after 90 days.
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