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New parade day

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Okay, here's the deal: June 14. For those of you who are minding your p's and q's in the American heritage dept, you know that's Flag Day. For those of you who don't... Flag Day is when Betsy Ross is supposed to have finished the first Old Glory with the thirteen Stars and Bars. So, now America displays her flags proudly on that day, to say, "Hey look at this. Pretty cool, eh?" Anyway, this year it falls on a Friday, and, as I was filling out a calendar, I thought, hmmm, that's an excuse for a barbeque or party. So I want you guys to start making a big deal out of FD, because damn it, we should be proud of our country and celebrate it. You can do anything: raise your flag and invite a few friends over for drinks. or a barbeque. or dinner. Anything all the way to as big as a block party. Gimme some input and tell me if your communities do anything for this day, and if they do... what? Thanks. Hope you had a good Memorial Day as well.
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NS: We just gotta get you in the military. You sure enjoy all this flag waving stuff- more power to you.... I'd be out there waving my Revolutionary War Era "Don't Tread on Me" rattlesnake- LOL
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Steve B., Are you a libertarian?  Or was that last statement about the Revolutionary War flag facetious?  Judging from your posts, I guessed you were a Democrat who voted for Dubya because the alternative was so bad.
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AC: My politics are hard to define. Used to call myself a libertarian (good guess there), because I believe the only one who has the right to rule me is me. But I did vote for Dubya...For the reason you mentioned, and because the Clinton side (think Primary Colors here) "leaked" the news of his '76 DWI a week or so before the election. I'll take someone who's made mistakes any day over someone who's spent a lifetime cultivating an image to be a full time politician. Here's an interesting topic for everyone- in fact I'll start a new thread- what's the difference between the Dems and Republicans these days? I sure don't see much...
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Don't get me wrong. I love America just as much as anybody,. but I'm not one of those guys with the full-blown fatigues hanging in my closet and an armed shotgun by my bed. I just enjoy the liberties I'm given, and I feel it's right to celebrate the country that gives them to me. Just didn't want to give the impression that I was some militant pyscho.
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Personally, I can't get too excited about flag day, if only because Ms. Ross' alleged design was the main catalyst for Tommy Hilfiger's prep-posterous career. (That, and a hefty slice of Ralph Lauren Polo.) On a more serious note, rallying 'round the flag tends to blur the line between national pride and radical nationalism. Although plenty of good people honor the stars and stripes, the most fervent flag-wavers I've seen are the sort of scoundrels derided by Samuel Johnson. Thus, while waving the flag is hardly a bad thing, I generally disassociate myself from that type of display. I prefer to celebrate the best aspects of America and my good fortune in having been born here in other, more personal ways. Historical footnotes: 1) June 14 is not the day the flag's design was completed, but rather the date the flag was adopted as the US national flag by the Continental Congress in 1777. By then, the flag was already in use by the revolutionary army. 2) While the first official American flag appears to have been made by George Washington's seamstress, Betsy Ross, the best historical evidence is that it was designed by Francis Hopkinson, who was New Jersey's representative to the Continental Congress.
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Yeah, I'm really appalled that Hilfiger gets a lot of his income by using the flag. There's actually a law that states "the flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever." It even prohibits the use of the flag as "wearing apparel." ha. How many companies have tried to capitalize on patriotism, lately? Oh and thanks for the little details about the flag. My memory was a little hazy. You're right. June 14 was when Congress passed the act accepting the flag. While the flag was in use by the Continental Army, it was not uniform. The act stated thirteen stars on blue background with red and white alternating stripes. It did not provide position or pattern, so this led to many different styles of flags. Betsy Ross's design was taken as the official one from 1777-1795.
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