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This man is correct. Another SF memeber posted these up with some jeans and a little cuff and I had to have them.







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Here's a general idea. They aren't this light, but they look and feel great.

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Scottsdale, AZ


You would think you being in the 'Dale you could get away with it, but it seems if you aren't wearing True Religions and a Graphic T, you're doing it wrong


ok BROS ffffuuuu.gif

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I'm planning on grabbing the navy ones as well and throwing in some rawhide laces.
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I bought an almost identical pair of Bass boots ("Trail" color) from one of their outlet stores earlier this them, $20 bucks well spent:

If you have one nearby it might be worth checking out.
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Not feeling that camo sweatshirt.
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Think we'll see a new Fair Isle this season?
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Originally Posted by Therendition View Post

Also, this jacket looks fresh:







I can't find those plum pants anywhere on the Jcrew site? can you help

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Originally Posted by StylePursuit View Post

I can't find those plum pants anywhere on the Jcrew site? can you help

Or just go big
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Be wondering about J. Crew Factory for a while, so I finally gave them a shot. I bought the end on end workshirt from regular J. Crew last season and loved the shirt. Saw that the "same" shirt was available at Factory in other colors so I ordered a few. Just got them and wow. Total trash. The fabric is absolute junk compared to the regular J. Crew version of the shirt. I'll be staying away from Factory in the future.
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Just picked up the new Chippewa moc-toe boots from J. Crew. Really like them -- nice thick leather and I prefer the heel to the wedge sole of Red Wings.

Here are some photos:

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oh wow, did not like those from the J Crew photos, but really like them in yours. I too am not a fan of the Red Wing style wedge sole, nice to see a moc toe boot with a standard heel like this.
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How does the barn jacket fit? Anybody try the Medium Tall?
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Was in store today and among the lack of anything worthwhile I tried on the indigo denim workshirt. It's a bit pricey at $138. They didn't have my size (XS) so I tried on the small. It is selvedge denim and has a nice sturdy and well constructed feel to it and a really nice dark indigo color. If they had an XS I might have copped it all the while clenching my jaw at the price tag, but sometimes you have to do that if you find something nice spur of the moment. I won't be ordering it online unless it goes on deep discount, but again if they had it while in store in my size I think I would have gotten it. Nothing else stood out. I still like the red chambray shirt they have, but I remember seeing that a few months back in their sale section for something like half off, I'll probably just wait. Hopefully once they get more stock of their F/W items it'll be more interesting. Also I'd like to see some of the Wallace and Barnes items in store, not sure if they are offered in store or not.
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