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And Aldens
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Originally Posted by Newstyle View Post

I went down to my local J.Crew last ear on Black Friday and it was a 30% off sale. This 25% off says its runs thru Sunday, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Monday there was a 30% off sale. Depends on if the extra 5% is worth the slim pickins.
There isn't really anything that stands out to me, I got a few items during their last 25% off sale, maybe i'll pick up a few higher priced items items, I do like the ludlow sportcoat in dark charcoal and I'm still thinking about picking up the New Balance 1400s, are those TTS or size up or down on those?

Cyber monday may be online, but not in-store....
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What's J. Crew's skinniest fitting pant? Is it the 484? 


Also, do the Chippewa Moc-Toe fit TTS?

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Originally Posted by jasonleb1 View Post

What's J. Crew's skinniest fitting pant? Is it the 484? 




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anyone got some real world pics of the color comparison between the Honey brown chino and the British khaki?
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Grabbed this horizontal jaspe shirt in store insanely comfortable
Looking to get the blue tonal oxford but the jcrew worker said they aren't carrying them this season in store??? They had them a couple weeks ago, but no more. Maybe sold out?
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a little disappointing black friday sale... same sale they had for like 2 weeks almost a couple weeks ago.

Jcrew Factory....haha--their "40% everything!!!!" sale is actually more expensive by a lot than what it was less than a week ago when they had 30-33%? of of already reduced items.. A tie I was going to buy could have been $ it's $24, which is 40% off of "retail".


got the dot twill shirt and it is awesome! It's almost as slim fitting as the actual "slim fit" shirts.
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An embarassment of riches for me this week: A Ludlow charcoal gray suit, single vent, under $500 total (pants, jacket, tax, no shipping), courtesy of GF's J. Crew card discount, 25% sale discount, and her rewards gift card.

And today, since I have virtually no dress shirts to go with the new suit, three Ludlow shirts: light blue, light purple, and the beacon red overplaid--with the 25% sales discount, almost like getting one shirt free.

The suit hasn't arrived yet, but based on my experience with my navy Ludlow blazer, I am expecting the fit to be spot on.

And if you haven't tried on the Ludlow dress shirts yet, do so. I think, for the price, they are a great dress shirt. I wear a Medium in J. Crew casual shrits, oxfords, etc., but had to up to a Large in these. They run a bit smaller, and you're going to need to button the top button. Plus the sleeves on the Medium were a bit short for a suit.

Big spending for me, but basically for around $700, I pulled together a nice new suit and 3 shirts to go with it.
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With this new suit purchase, it did really hit home that my dress shirt collection is pathetic. I just seldom have much occasion to wear anything more than a casual shirt or an oxford, etc. Going to make this my priority now, though--no more shirt purchases that are not shirts I can wear with a suit.

Of course this also means beefing up my necktie collection.
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It's a slipper slope. How's the shoe collection?
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So so. I have some wingtips (not J. Crew) that are passable. But I will no doubt need to kick it up in that area too.
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Any one have any experience with the croco-belt?

Does it feel/look rad in real life?

Anyone know if it is the same as this?
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Originally Posted by Therendition View Post

Welp, it's about that time.  The fall stuff is sort of beginning to roll in.  I, personally, am looking forward to hopefully grabbing the Wallace & Barnes camo sweatshirt at some point.





Also, this jacket looks fresh:




That jacket looks great paired with those pants - I'm diggin 'em both, might pick up the set if I get a chance.

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anyone know how the chippewa plain toe boots fit? are they tts?
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Originally Posted by UltraMagnetical View Post

anyone know how the chippewa plain toe boots fit? are they tts?
I don't have the plain toe boots, but I do have 2 pairs of Chippewa boots acquired thru J. Crew. They fit true to size. I got the same size as my Red Wings, balmorals, and bluchers.
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