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It seems like this year there were more options when it came to heavy wool trousers than in the past. If stock sizes hold up well for winter clearance, I think a lot of good stuff will be had.

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Does anyone know how similar Ludlow Suit Pants fit to urban slim fit pants? I am worried the suit pants might have a fuller cut to them.
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Originally Posted by Stewbone View Post

Does anyone know how similar Ludlow Suit Pants fit to urban slim fit pants? I am worried the suit pants might have a fuller cut to them.

If anything, they're slightly slimmer. 

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Ok, finally had a look at new J. Crew Men's Shop in the Eaton Centre after my morning professional development seminar. Quite a nice store, in terms of pricing, it's the same as Canadian portion of the J. Crew website. I wound up picking up a pair of dark worn jeans in the slim straight fit, wearing them now after I came home and they fit perfectly. I might go back for some 5- pocket cords which I thought were catalogue only.

I'm still a little miffed that Alden is not sold in the Toronto store but from what the sales associate told me, it was Alden, not J. Crew behind that.
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Originally Posted by Zassiliss View Post

Anyone have any experience with their Victura jacket? Wondering if full retail's a bit much for what I'm getting.

Picked this up today at the clearance store for $60. Fit is spot on in a medium. Nice and trim fitting, very comfortable. Much better price than the current $148 online price.
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Passed by the J crew store and employees are staring at the ceiling. Go Canada... ffffuuuu.gif
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I'm glad that when you go in there, you're not instantly ambushed like you are at Club Monaco.

Was hoping to try on this coat, but it seems as if some items are not being sold in that location. Anyone know if they plan on expanding the men's section?

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Interesting how the stores are tiered in terms of size of store and scope of inventory. The Biltmore Village-area Asheville retail store has a good selection and it's getting better year by year, it seems, but I recently visited the downtown Charleston store and was blown away by the selection.

Asheville is probably as robust a retail area as Charleston, and yet we're given sort or a medium-tier store.
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They're running a 30% off sale items right now. Walked by a store to see if anything worthwhile was there. Mostly scraps. Saw this for $80 + 30% off ($56) and picked it up.

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quick question on their slim shirts, should i go true to size or size down one?
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Their slim shirts aren't really much slimmer than their regular fit. OK in casual untucked styles, requires tailoring otherwise. Sizing down might help, but the shoulders might get tight if you've got any muscle.

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Originally Posted by Robert View Post

Are you sure you're trying your correct size? Don't go by the J. Crew sizing chart. It is biased toward the large, in other words, you might have to size down to get a better fit. If I follow the J. Crew measurements, I'm a large but a large will fit me like a sack. A medium is almost spot on.

Agreed-although the mediums tend to vary in shirt and sweater sizing, and that's not to mention the fit of the Wallace & Barnes stuff (which varies from last year, from my perspective), or the coats and jackets, which are all over the map. Too bad, because their designs are awesome and, most of the time, are relatively affordable. But I never get too excited about ordering something from the catalogue until I have had a chance to try it on at home. Which might just be a rule for ordering anything off the Inter-Webs.

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Still waiting on an outerwear sale...comon Jcrew...
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This might have been answered, but I forgot. Can you stack your student discount with the black friday sale?

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